Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spec Salon Writers Answer Burning Questions

Inquiring minds want to know more about these mysterious women gathering here in the Salon. We have acquired pertinent facts for your reading pleasure and hope it will help to hold you over until the doors officially open next month. Enjoy!

- Describe your current WIP in 5 words or less.
Mae: Post-gold-rush alchemy and clockwork punk
Elizabeth: Clockwork Dolls steal young souls
Stacie: Candle Hostess sleuth finds body. - this is so not speculative fiction, but I have something else in the works.
Marilyn: Girl seeks revenge against taint. (That is terrible. I need more words!)
Ella: Girl triumphs over mechanical dragons
RJ: Bad ass vampire seeks forgiveness. That was soooo hard!
Stephanie: "The Never Ending Story"

- An herb or spice you like to cook with?
Elizabeth: Turmeric it adds a great taste and color to the food, plus it's good for pain
Mae: Ginger!
Ella: Curry - all types
RJ: Not much of a cook, but I really like garlic.

- Favorite item of clothing or accessory?
Stephanie: A woolen scarf my father brought back from Ireland.
Mae: t-shirts
RJ: My wedding ring - I never take it off.
Marilyn: My hair tie. I must be able to put my hair up

- Would you travel under the sea or over the moon?
Marilyn: Can't I do both?
RJ: Under the sea.
Elizabeth: Probably over the moon and second star on the right and on till morning.

- The last series you read?
Stacie: I am not a dedicated series reader, I tend to buy what appeals to me in the moment, but an excellent series I read is Cassandra Clare's Immortal Instrument's series. I loved it!
Mae: J D Robb's ...In Death
Stephanie: The Night Hunter Series by Lilith SaintCrow
Ella: from Stephen Hunt's Jackelian series

- What's on your bed right now?
Stacie: A very fat cat and a snoring beagle, plus some clothes that didn't get put away before I went to bed. (Yes, I slept with my clean laundry)
Ella: Messy blankets and two old cats
Stephanie: Three pillows, one comforter, two blankets (Yes, I get cold), my Alphsmart (sits on the pillow next to my head - the perfect spot for late night journaling) and one very cute rescue kitty who hogs the blankets.
RJ: Fat cat and smelly dog.

- Camping or skydiving?
Stephanie: Neither. Scuba diving. :-)
Stacie: Camping for sure, why would someone jump out of a perfectly good plane?
Elizabeth: I love the outdoors, but camping is so out there and the bugs, dirt and no great bathrooms. I love the idea of floating in the sky, feeling the rush of the ground coming ever so close, but no on that as well. I have a fear of heights.
Marilyn: Skydiving!

- Whose biography would you want to write?
Elizabeth: I think I would like to write my father's who past away ten or so years ago. There are so many questions I would like to ask, that haven't been answered.
Stacie: William Shatner – but it would have to be written as if his whole life was an episode of Star Trek. I can't believe he just turned 80.
Mae: my grandmother, Mae V. Cowdery. I have snippets of her garnered from the
RJ: Brett Favre - LOL

- What music do you dance to?
Marilyn: If it has a beat, I can dance to it.
Ella: Ska!
Stacie: This is a loaded question, because I rarely dance. I look sort of like a horse with roller-skates on when I dance. But, if I was in the privacy of my own home with all dogs and cat stowed away – eliminating the witnesses is the number one priority – I might be temped to stomp around to 80's pop music. I know the music is soulless, but I grew up with it and it makes me think I am still young. Ah, the memories…

- The perfect post-sprinting cocktail?
Stephanie: Not a cocktail person. I prefer cold bottle of Heineken or a nice glass of Moscao wine from Australia.
Marilyn: Cocktail? Vodka shots please!
Mae: ginger and peach detox tea. Really spicy. Anything else means I'm going to pass out.
Elizabeth: Well, Hemingway says write drunk and edit sober. So, if I were Hemingway I would have a frozen strawberry margarita in a pitcher. But, more than likely I'll have a chocolate protein drink. What a comedown!
Ella: Homemade lemoncello or a nice cold bock
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