Monday, May 21, 2012

Supernatural Teen Dramas - My Weakness

I have a deep, dark secret, something that I refuse to talk about in public - with adults. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake it - I’m addicted to supernatural teen dramas. I could hardly hold back a squeal when I noticed the advertisement for the upcoming second season of “Teen Wolf” to air on June 3rd.

I’ve been a fan of the supernatural since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and even watched the spinoff Angel that was NOT nearly as good. As much as I’ve grown out of the teen angst as I’ve hit my thirties, I am still addicted to the teen dramas as my PVR as my witness. Why you ask? I think that its the forbidden romances that are mixed in with the  storyline and throw in vampires, werewolves and witches, and I’m in.

Teen Wolf
I was too young to watch the first Teen Wolf television series, but my interest was quickly sparked in the first episode when Scott McCall is bitten by a werewolf while in the woods with his best friend. Scott’s life changes as he is forced to learn to tame the beast within, while trying to appear as a normal high school student. He also meets his love interest, a new student, Alison Argent.
As viewers watch Scott deal with his problems that keep getting in the way of his relationship with Alison, they also learn as Alison uncovers a secret from her family’s past - they are werewolf hunters. Even though Alison is sent away by her father to keep her from Scott, we all know that she’ll be back to crank up the forbidden romance.

Vampire Diaries
I have been a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries since the very first episode. I remembered reading LJ Smith’s series when I was younger. The third season really turned up the heat on the love triangle between Elena Gilbert, and the vampire Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan. With original boyfriend Stefan going off the deep end in the season and broke Elena’s heart, it was Damon that was left to dry Elena’s tears.
When the sensitive Stefan returned, it was only a matter of time before he wanted back with Elena, but she’d fallen for Damon. In the season finale, when it is believed that the Salvatore brothers only have hours to live, Elena is forced to choose which of the brother she will go to. She chooses Stefan. The ending was a cliffhanger when Elena wakes up on a hospital gurney after drowning. I can hardly wait for the fall for the fourth season.

The Secret Circle
This the first season for the coven of teen witches and I’ve heard mixed reviews. I struggled to really get into this one until budding romance between Cassie and Adam took center stage. While their love was said to be “their destiny”, it was also a curse as someone in the circle will die if their love was allowed to grow.
A spell was cast to make the two fall out of love with each other, but it only worked on Adam. Cassie is still in love with him. I’m behind on this series, but have a date with PVR in the near future to catch the last few episodes.

While I can justify my supernatural teen drama as "my" personal soap opera, I'm pretty certain that I'll still have to watch it in secret without my husband around to avoid his snickers, commentary and teasing.

Any deep, dark secrets that you have?



Marsha A. Moore said...

R.J., I loved The Secret Circle, but not for the romance or icky high school drama. It was the magical system that kept me coming back. It had lots of interesting layers. Unfortunately, that show has been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit I'm hooked. I'm a Buffy fan too, and I love YA fiction in all its forms.

rj.garside said...

Hi Martha,

I'm so disappointed at The Secret Circle being canceled! I agree that the magical system was very interesting. That's too bad that there won't be a second season, I guess that just means more time for writing!



rj.garside said...

Hi Lisa,

I wish that there was something out there equivalent to Buffy. I keep watching the reruns. Are there any other YA television shows that you enjoy?

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle (It's filmed in my hometown of Vancouver). I enjoy adult supernatural dramas too (like Supernatural, Grimm, Lost Girl, and Once Upon a Time). I think we need more teen ones, personally. :)

E.B. Black said...

I like the paranormal shows with more gore and sex in them and not so much the feel good ones. The Vampire Diaries, I do not enjoy. I gave it a whole season and it bored me and it may be partly because I read the books and they are hands down better than the television show. The show moves so slowly. But on the other hand, I love True Blood. It gets my heart racing and I don't know what to expect. I've watched once upon a time, but it doesn't keep me on the edge of my seat waiting every week, although it has had some extremely excellent episodes. And there's a few like Lost Girl, that I'm currently waiting to get so I can watch it.

Regardless, I don't think enjoying these kind of shows should be a shameful thing. So many people like them. I understand why you are embarrassed, I get embarrassed by it, too, but we shouldn't have to be.

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