Friday, June 1, 2012

Steampunk Tales #1 Book Review

Congratulations Speculative Society for the finish of our first month! Thank you everyone who joined us in our book club.

Steampunk Tales #1 earned the first book-to-read prize. The tales ranged from zombies to metaphysics to adventure. You will find a story to fill your steampunk needs in this collection but not every story will meet your expectation. It is a mixed bag of great stories and not so great stories. Yet the gems I found were worth the price of the collection. 

From the stories my standouts are Catherynne M. Valente's The Anachronist's Cookbook, Brian Rappatta's The Reanimation Emporium, and Noel Black’s The Man and The Robot. Of those three my favorite is The Man and The Robot. That is one short story that will leave you thinking for hours after you are done. I still don’t know if I’m horrified by the contents or not. The message is very powerful and may or may not be clear to you by the end.

The price is reasonable for 10 stories but it is only available in eBook format. Take the chance and pick up Steampunk Tales #1.

Remember to visit our Goodreads page and vote for our next selection.

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