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Review of Allie's War, Book Two "Shield"

Shield (Allie’s War, Book Two) JC Andrijeski
Genre: New Adult / Urban  Fantasy/ Romance
Publisher: White Sun Press
Number of pages: 432
Cover Artist: White Sun Press

Today at the Salon, I will be reviewing Book Two of JC Andrijeski's Allie War series, Shield. The series, which I had the pleasure of reading both Book 1 and Book 2 (which I would also strongly suggest to readers to start with Book 1) was different for me because I am normally a paranormal romance junkie, but when I received the opportunity to review the books I was instantly intrigued not only by the New Adult genre, but also by the description. And there are no disappointments here either.

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World building: The setting is a unique, gritty version of Earth that is population not only by humans, but also another race called "seers". The world created is unlike anything that I have read and that I found myself very absorbed in immediately. The written description is wonderfully vivid and paints a perfect picture of the world and the characters. I read both books in about four days as I couldn't seem to put them down. I especially loved the cliffhanger at the end of Book 1 that forced me to go into the wee hours of the morning to start Book 2.

Characters: The heroine Allie Taylor is a 28-year-old that is raised human, but learns that she is a seer, and also an important part of the human/seer war puzzle, called the "Bridge". With her team of friends (both seer and humans) and her husband Ravik, the characters are very colorful and interesting. The relationships that she has with each of the member of the team, including her half brother and her best friend. Although I am used to romance, where the heroine and hero have a happily ever after, I love the conflict and tension that goes on between Allie and Ravik. Despite their love, their relationship just doesn't work and they can't keep it together. It is one of those things that draws me to continue reading the series.

Pros & Cons: The writing of the series is fast-paced and interesting that I really believe that it can hold a reader through the entire series. I know that I personally will continue on with the series. The writing is descriptive and as mentioned above, the world building and the characters are great. One thing that I found as a con was that there was such a large cast of characters that I sometimes had a hard time following who was who. Also the conflict level is great, but there was almost too much going on at one time. These are just little cons that wouldn't stop me from reading the series, but at times had me rereading sections or going back to reread parts to make sure that I fully understood. I also recommend reading Book 1 as I think that if a reader started on Book 2, it would be very confusing and a lot of important, needed background would be missing.

Fresh Factor: Definitely a "wow" as a fresh factor. This series has made me a fan of New Adult and a reader of JC Andrijeski The series is fresh and originally. If you are looking to dip your toe into the New Adult genre or looking for a gritty, fresh new series than Allie's War is definitely for you.

Overall: I really enjoyed both Book 1 and Book 2. I would give the books a 4 star **** reading and will continue on with the series.

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Book Description:

“And they say Death will live among them in the guise of a child....”

Grappling with her new identity as “Bridge,” a being meant to herald the end for all of humanity, isn’t even Allie’s biggest problem. She’s also coping with a whole new set of rules around her seer marriage, as well as the power-hungry Rook she helped put in the White House, who is currently doing his best to start a war with China.

Then the boy appears. A sociopath with all of the energetic markings of Syrimne, a highly dangerous telekinetic seer who killed thousands during World War I, he doesn’t appear to have aged in one hundred years.

Worse, he thinks Allie belongs to him.

About the Allie’s War Series:

An urban fantasy paranormal romance set in a unique, gritty version of Earth, populated by a second race of beings called seers, the Allie’s War series centers on the relationship of a strong female protagonist, Allie Taylor, and her antihero guide, Dehgoies Revik. Falling into the new adult genre of books, the Allie’s War series takes place in a modern version of Earth you’ve never seen, that spans centuries along with the lives of its main characters, the seers, and the wars they fight with themselves and their human allies and enemies, (steamy sex scenes in parts!).

About the Author:
JC Andrijeski has published novels, novellas, serials, graphic novels and short stories, as well as nonfiction essays and articles, including the Allie’s War series, The Slave Girl Chronicles and bestselling novella, The Alien Club. Her short fiction runs from humorous to apocalyptic, and her nonfiction articles cover subjects from graffiti art, meditation, psychology, journalism, politics and history. JC has traveled extensively and lived abroad, but currently lives and works on the Oregon Coast.

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Mary Preston said...

I'll definitely need to start from the beginning. This series looks very exciting.

JC Andrijeski said...

Hey, just saw this - thanks so much for the review, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the books! (and, of course, I'm very glad you liked them!) :)

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