Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Fantasy Quizzes

Searching online lead me to down the path of online quizzes. I decided why not take a couple related to fantasy. Please note hilarious options are available to from.

What kind of fantasy character are you?

I'm surprised by this result. But I am so happy to do one! *happy dance*

what kind of fantasy character are you?
Your Result: Elf

More often than not you are a peaceful person, but you will prove a mighty foe if faced with an enemy. You are connected with nature and often form bonds with animals. You are in no hurry with your life. You take great care in anything and everything you do perfecting your skills down to a T. Honor is the most important thing to you. You rather die than dishonor yourself or your people.

Wizard or mage
Human warrior
what kind of fantasy character are you?
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What would be your fate in a fantasy novel?

I think there should have been a result for sidekick. That would fit me perfectly. But I guess I can't go wrong with becoming a hero.

What would be your fate in a fantasy novel?
Your Result: Become the hero

You would become the hero. Seeing the forces of light struggling against the Evil Overlord, you would simply step in, take control, and vanquish evil. Out of gratitude, the people crown you king or queen.

Go crazy
Get killed
Become the Long John Silver
Join the forces of evil
Fall in love with the hero
What would be your fate in a fantasy novel?
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These two are just the icing on the cake for fantasy related quizzes. Share your results from the two above below. Or provide a link to a different one. I need a good excuse to take some more. ^_^


Anonymous said...

Here's mine:
what kind of fantasy character are you?
Your Result: Wizard or mage
You use you intelligence to outsmart your enemy. Words are your greatest weapons. You are cautious but not afraid to make a move. You are always striving to learn more and you have a need to protect those around you.
Result Breakdown:
86% Wizard or mage
86% Elf
83% Human warrior
69% Assassin
46% Dwarf
Quiz URL:

Funny, I could've gone for any of them really. :) But I'm happy with my Mage status. (If only....)

Ella Gray said...

I was an elf, too! Not quite sure what that means in the context of fantasy since I'm only familiar with LOTR elves anyway. Second quiz said I'd be killed, LOL. Not really a surprise, although it assured me that my death would be a result of doing something brave. Comforting?

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