Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plans fail, not people

My plan to post a First Fifty review by the end of each month bit the dust this month. Between work, keeping up with Savvy workshop writing and investigating a retirement proposition, I've lost track of my reading. Next month promises to be a little better. I only have a Frankenstein performance to attend, MUSE Online Writer's Conference to moderate as a newbie, and one, count them, one class at Savvy. Oh, yeah, my birthday road trip. Can't forget that.

So, yeah. Lots of opportunities for plans to fail. And to recover from the failure. For one thing, I've been able to keep up with the deadlines for my Savvy writing. And I'm happy with the work I've put out. I've also been listening to books and stories and television shows. Yeah, I write to TV. Netflix has been my friend, bringing me a wonderful series with a sufficiently subtle formula, that putting it on as background keeps me inspired. And warned. That full moon shot, that shows up twice in the same episode, and several times in a season--that's a big boo-boo. Oh, and the gloved hand pulling back the bushes. Another boo-boo.

Those are the kinds of things that authors of series novels have to watch out for, also. Personal tropes and idiosyncrasies. Listening to a new author who writes in present tense encouraged me to try it in my final Flash Fiction assignment. Tricky trying to keep the past tense in its place.

Meanwhile, I'm missing putting my eyeball to the page. Real reading. Curling up with the Kindle or a paperback, or hardback from Better World Books (cheap books for a cause--they have a sale going: 3 for $10 and $0 shipping!) has become a call to relaxation, lately. Evidence that I really do have some time off. Even if I am reading with a pencil. The act of reading has taken on a much greater pleasure than it had in the past.

So, the new plan? Uhh...finish those pages? Yeah, sounds like a plan. First Fifty review up next Wednesday and after that, maybe a glimpse of Frankenstein.

What do you do when your plans fail? How do you recover?

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