Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Urban Fantasy Chat To Remember

I would normally hesitate to post a video for the blog that's over an hour long, but this is a special case. Last week, the heroes over at Geek and Sundry debuted a new show called Story Board with Patrick Rothfuss. Happily, the first discussion held was all about Urban Fantasy, and featured some amazing guests: Emma Bull, Jim Butcher, and Diana Rowland. *swoon*

This webisode has popped up on several blogs over the last week (hey everyone!), but it's so fantastic that it deserves all the press it can get. Plus, anyone who has never checked out the Geek and Sundry site or watched their other shows really should get over there and browse through all the awesome. I'm a particular fan of Felicia Day, so be sure to tune into the Flog and catch up on The Guild.

Anyway, this authors chat is a real treat for writers and fans of the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes and there's even a forum on the site where you can make suggestions or requests. As a bonus, you can visit Pat Rothfuss' blog where he answers many of the questions that didn't make it on the show - it's some funny stuff. Enjoy!

What did you think of the show and what would you like to see them talk about in future episodes?


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