Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rachel McClellan: Conquer the World with Confidence

Our guest today is Rachel McClellan, whose new book, Fractured Light, is available now. Visit the Dark Minds Book Tours website and enter to win some wonderful prizes during this tour. Welcome, Rachel!


It's taken me a long time to get the confidence I have now. It all began when I was a teenager with a fear of being an unknown smudge on a wall. This fear made me into a very awkward teenager, and believe me when I say awkward. I wanted desperately to be different. I was always wearing funny-looking hats, crazy peace necklaces, and one time I even designed my father's shirt into pants.

Even though I may be remembered as "weird" by those who knew me, my desire to be different had bought me a ticket on the confidence train. Since then, the train has sluggishly tooted its way down life's tracks stopping along the way in hopes I'll take advantage of certain personal-growth moments. Sometimes I jumped and other times I cowered in the corner.

Some events that have helped me become confident over the years are starting a business at the age of 23, public speaking, sky-diving, and writing my first novel four years ago. This was the biggest confidence boost. Matching it was developing a love for running. Very little can compare with the feeling of crossing a finish line after running for miles and miles.

Sometimes my confidence-train derails when doubt-demons try to hijack it, but I always do my best to get it back on track, because I haven't quite conquered the world yet.

What have you done in your life that has helped you build confidence?

Excerpt from Fractured Light:

I’m dying, I thought. This was unexpected and not at all how I envisioned my death. I was supposed to die gardening in a flowerbed as a hundred-year-old woman, not as a seventeen-year-old trapped in a lake beneath inches of ice.

Llona Reese is used to living on the run. After a Vyken killed her parents, she knew they would eventually come for her too. She can’t take any chances. But when she starts to make friends for the first time in her life, she gets careless and lets her guard down. Big mistake. As an Aura, Llona can manipulate light and harness its energy. But if she wants to survive, Llona will have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use her power as a weapon against the Vyken whose sole desire is to take her light. 

Now she’s caught in something bigger than she can understand, with a power she can’t wield, and no one she can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger.

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Rachel McClellan was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When she's not in her writing lair, she's partying with her husband and four crazy, yet lovable, children. Rachel's love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, her imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was...

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widdershins said...

What have you done in your life that has helped you build confidence?"

... survived! I know that may sound trite, but it's true none-the-less. I've survived an abused childhood ... an horrific motorcycle crash ... long-term relationships blowing up in my face ... the death of loved ones - human and other ... publishing my first novel.

... the list goes on, but my point is this; every time we do (or survive) something that scares/hurts/challenges us, we're a little bit stronger, more confident, and stand a little taller in our personal power, whether we're aware of it or not.

Becomming aware? Now, that's the challenge isn't it?

Ella Gray said...

widdershins - Very inspiring words, and I couldn't agree more :)

Rachel - Thanks so much for the post, and good luck with the rest of your tour!

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