Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dating publishers

Yeah, I said "dating".

I signed up with Net Galley to see what kinds of reading and reviewing mischief I could get into.  thought it was a good way to find new Witch and Witchcraft Challenge books. I was right. Got a couple of good ones which opened me to the idea of getting closer to publishers.  Hence "dating".

My first date was a hit!  You read about my date in my last post: Midnight Ink.  I had already hooked up with Net Galley when the Witch and Witchcraft Challenge came along.  Add to that our on-going Bewitching Books blog tour and I hit the jackpot.  Shame it wasn't a real date.

Let's move on.

A soon-to-be-published friend just added me on Facebook and, perusing her friends list, I found a published writer lurking there.  Not telling yet. I just got notice that I am free to read and review his book. The publisher?  Angry Robot.

The name is familiar but, since I was off in La La (ahem) Writer-land, I didn't investigate.

So, why get close to a publisher?  As a writer it's kinda obvious. To get noticed.  But what is the advantage as reader?  It's like any relationship--you get to participate.  You get to know authors and their works.  Get to be introduced to authors you might not have considered.  A whole new circle of friends that happen to live inside the covers of books. Virtual or otherwise.

The book I've proposed to read and review is not on my Witch and Witchcraft Challenge list. Wrong section of the speculative continuum.  It will give me a bit of a rest from witches though.  However, I'm at the very shiny edge of a novel that I found on another publisher's date.  Have you heard of Weightless Books?  No?  I'll be introducing you right after I bandage my impatience.  Check out Ginn Hale.

Meanwhile, tell me, do you have favorite publishers?  How do you find new writers to fall in like, if not love, with?  Any recommendations?

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Annie said...

Intriguing thought, Melanie. I used to have favorite publishers in the faroff days of print books only but with the proliferation of publishers now, I'm apt to find writers I like and follow them from publisher to publisher.

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