Monday, April 8, 2013

What to do when you fall out of love...with your favorite T.V. Show

For the past few season I have been an avid Vampire Diaries fan, but something died inside of me about six episodes ago and I couldn't force myself to continue to watch. I have five episodes still unwatched on my PVR and I can't see myself watching.

I've blogged about the excitement of Vampire Diaries at the end of last season and couldn't wait for the new season to begin. Elena had died with Damon's vampire blood in her body and had risen as a vampire, while still Stefan's girl. Since then Elena has decided that she loves Damon and doesn't love Stefan in "that way" anymore. Elena's character has morphed into a heroine that I don't respect and can't empathize with. Actually she drives me crazy now!

I'm not sure if it's the love triangle or just the lack of sense of the heroine. The last time that I felt this way I was reading the last book of the Twilight series. Now I LOVED the first two books, but then as I started through the third one, Bella's whiny voice got to me and although I finished the series in less than a week (who needs sleep?) I had a bad taste in my mouth. And then once it hit the big screen, it was even worse. I had to make myself go to Eclipse and the first part of Breaking Dawn. And I have yet to watch the second part of Breaking Dawn. Why? Because I can't stand the whiny heroine, even when she learns to stand on her own two feet.

My PVR is running out of room and last week my husband asked if he could delete my Vamp Diaries because I wasn't watching them and I refused worried that my love and devotion could be sparked back up. After seriously thinking about it, I'm on my way to hit the "delete" button myself.

Has this ever happened to you? Any shows or book series that you devoured only to lose interest? Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries? Have you lost interest? Gained interest?

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Kate Evangelista said...

OMG! Me too! Even Damon isn't doing it for me anymore. What's happened? TVD used to keep me longing for the next episode.'s just "meh" *cries* I honestly hate feeling this way.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I'll stick with the series until the end of this season. If things don't pick up, I might stop watching, too. The person I can't stand, though, is Klaus. I hear the originals are getting their own series. Well, I won't be watching that, but I am curious as to how it will be set up, as I'm sure it will be on TVD.

Annette Gisby said...

Started losing interest in CSI after the character of Grissom left, he was so quirky and it's never been the same without him.

widdershins said...

Bones and NCIS lost me a bunch of seasons ago when they had some absurd storylines ... that and I stopped watching TV altogether. We've been TV free for about five years. Anything we want to watch is available somewhere on the interwebz now.

Kelly said...

Yup, I'm about TVD'ed out. It was when they killed everyone off that done me in-- well that and when they made Jeremy most sincerely dead. I mean, here was this guy a HUNTER and they STILL treated him like a little kid. He was a 'Buffy' by all rights and he was still written like he needed saving all the time. Now, I don't even really care who ends up with Elena. (I didn't know I was that ticked lol) ~Kelly

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