R.J. Garside

An introvert since childhood, R.J. Garside's first friend was books. After opening her first “Fear Street” by R.L. Stine, she was hooked on the spooky, paranormal world and decided to try her hand at writing darkly and weird stories, which often featured her friends and enemies as the main characters. After combining her passion for writing and her love for sports, she spent five years at the local newspaper as a Sports Reporter – where she met her eventual husband during a routine interview. When the newspaper disbanded, she took a different career route and trained to be a dental hygienist, taking a few years off from writing. She was bitten by the writing bug again three years ago and has been busy pounding on the keyboards in the late evenings (after hockey practice) creating the dark world of her paranormal/urban fantasy romances, which she hopes one day will make it to publication. Her brain boosts of creativity most present themselves while she sits in front of the television listening to a NHL or NFL game in the background. R.J. lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, crazy boxer dog and fat cat.

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