Guest Links

A list of links to the websites of our past guest bloggers and their posts in the Salon:

Beth Daniels aka Beth HendersonWebsite and post, Cast Call for Characters

Maureen O. Betita: Website and posts, Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life and Female Fantasy

Philippa BallantineWebsite and post, Messing With History

P. June DiehlWebsite and post, A Letter From Your Muse

Anastasia V. PergakisWebsite and posts, Criminal Writer and Inside the Kinir Elite

Theresa Meyers: Website and post, The Real Side of Fiction

Missy JaneWebsite and post, How Urban is Your Fantasy?

Sarah MakelaWebsite and post, Reading, A Valuable Tool For Writers

Mary Buckham: Website and interview, Part 1 and Part 2

Rebecca ZanettiWebsite and post, Tips For Writing Paranormals

Allison MoonWebsite and post, The Feminine Wild

Mandi Casey: Website and post, Sydney Sedrick Character Interview

S.G. RogersWebsite and post, Confessions of a SpecFic Author

Kerri NelsonWebsite and post, Take the FREEway to Promotion

Tom Keppler: Website and post, Building Fantasy Worlds: Science or Art?

Alma Alexander: Website and post, Secret Places

Laura BickleWebsite, Urban Fantasy Perspectives Interview, and post, Safe Places

Terry Spear: Website and post, Giving the Term Alpha Male New Meaning

Rachel HunterWebsite and post, Fantasy vs Science Fiction: The Distinction

Bri ClarkWebsite and post, The Familial Witch

L.M. PruittWebsite and Urban Fantasy Perspectives Interview

Autumn Christian: Website and post, The Crooked God Machine

Thomas Winship: Website and post, Inspiring Tips

Jane ToombsWebsite and posts, The Lure of Fantasy and What is Fantasy?

J.D. Brown: Website and post, Organizing Vampires

Irene Radford: Website and post, Lace vs Subplots

Cas Peace: Website and post, Don't Ignore the Small Things

Karen Azinger: Website and posts, The Power of Backstory and Advice To Indie Authors

Mitchel Rose: Website and post, Japanese Mythology - The Inspiration for Ghost Wind

Ben Hennessy: Website and post, Why I Love Fantasy!

Marie Treanor: Website and post, Speculating on Dracula

H. David Blalock: Website and post, The Re-emergence of Pulp Fiction

Mysti Parker: Website and post, Give Fantasy Romance a Chance

Luna Lindsey: Website and Urban Fantasy Perspectives Interview

S.A. Hunter: Website and Interview

Stephen Zimmer: Website and post, Choosing a Cast Member for the Ensemble

Lynda K. Scott: Website and post, Whose Imagination Is It?

Alyson Burdette: Website and post, Why Readers Make the Best Writers

Meg Whitlock: Website and post, What's In a Name?

Rachel McClellan: Website and post, Conquer the World With Confidence

Irina Lopatina: Website and post, The Altai Princess

Robin D. Owens: Website and post, Worldbuilding

Jeffe KennedyWebsite and Interview

Tom Barczak: Website and post, What Does It Mean To Be a Writer?

Kristi Jones: Website and post, Reading On the Fly

Juli D. Revezzo: Website and post, Are Ghosts Real?

Wynne Channing: Website and post, Self Publishing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Kathy DiSanto: Website and post, Some Thoughts On Speculative Fiction

Emily Goodwin: Website and post, Urban Fantasy Q&A

James Eggebeen: Website and post, Making of an Indie Fantasy Author

Nerine Dorman: Website and post, Chasing a Supernatural Thriller with an Egyptian Twist

Shaun Eyles: Website and post, The Voice of Your World and Characters

Kate Policani: Website and post, Creating Magic

Allison Pang: Website and Interview

Jacqueline Paige: Website and Interview

Suzanne Johnson: Website and Interview

Emma Woodcock: Website and post, A Kind of Magic

Jes Young: Website and post, A Fairy Tale Life

Lindsay J. Pryor: Website and post, Welcome To Blackthorn

Jolea M. Harrison: Website and post, What's In A Name? Fantasy Fiction Titles
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