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Inside The Kinir Elite With Anastasia Pergakis

I'm so glad to be back at the Speculative Salon. Thank you again Ella for having me here today as part of my tour.

My fantasy adventure novel, Cleanse Fire, released in October as an e-book and in December in print. Cleanse Fire has edge-of-your-seat action. Epic battles, suspense, and a bit of romance too! Follow the Kinir Elite as they track down a traitor and find more than they bargained for.

Complete the mission, no matter what…
Captain Derac Vidor has served Kinir for nearly twenty years. It’s his life, his blood. And then his Commander betrays everything Derac holds dear. Now he has to focus on his own life and his team instead of saving the citizens of Kinir.

Treason is only the beginning…
Fueled by rage, the team chases the source to their Commander’s betrayal – a powerful wizard bent on revenge. The wizard seeks to destroy the Kinir Elite, in both mind and body. No place is safe, even among their allies.

The past holds the key…
Derac’s tragic past may be the key to saving the team. But can he face the gruesome nightmare in time?

To share a little more with you about the world the Kinir Elite live in, I'm going to share some behind the scenes information about the team, and how they came to be. I did a lot of research to put their world together. I called my Dad, who served 20 years in the Army, often for his advice on military tactics, supplies, and more. He was a huge help. But I also did a little research into how teams like the Kinir Elite work - which was limited of course, so I had to fill in a lot with my own imaginings.

The Kinir Elite are a special forces, "black ops", team with mostly top secret missions. They are still a very "public" group, unlike most black ops teams which are kept in secret, away from public knowledge. They are seen as the "super heroes" to young elves and are often the source of many bedtime stories. The majority of their missions are secret but when it's a hostage rescue situation, the news is spread around.

Female elves (elfas) only recently were allowed to join the Kinir Elite. The members of the team (6 total) are chosen by the Captain and Commander; members can not apply or request to join. In order to be "in the running", an elf must serve at least ten years in the Army and five years in the Kinir Rangers. If they are chosen - and accept the invite - they pledge to serve another twenty five years.  

During the time in the Army and Rangers, a person that wants to have a chance to join the Elite, must learn the following things:

  • Be fluent in 5 languages - 6 if counting the Ancient Language;
  • Pass all intelligence tests with a score of 175 or better (out of 200);
  • Be an expert in all manners of weapons;
  • Pass the Elite Aptitude and Endurance Test (Only Rangers who have served 3 years and have all the other qualifications are allowed to take this test.)

BUT even with all that, the greatest test, and the one the Elite Captain pays the most attention to, is seeing the possible recruit in action - seeing how they think on their feet in a real situation.

The Elite Test is essentially their version of "spy training". They are taking away from the Ranger base and taken to a secret facility. In order to keep the facility hidden, the Rangers that go at that time are given a sleeping sedative. Then they are transported to the secret facility and spend anywhere from two to five years depending on what they choose to specifically train in. In order to keep this explanation brief, think of this facility as a combination of SWAT school, Navy Seals SERE training, and "spy school".

~ * ~ * ~

Given the strong military theme in my book, I want to honor real life soldiers with my writing. Portions of my royalties from this book, and the upcoming books in the series, will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization helps wounded soldiers and their families heal when they return home. You can learn more about them and read true accounts of soldiers they've helped at their website,

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I’m giving away an e-copy of Cleanse Fire! Leave a comment on this post to enter into the random drawing. I'll draw the names at the end of my tour, January 31, 2012. If you want more chances to win a copy, visit our website to follow our tour! The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win!

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**All Winners will be announced on the Kinir Elite Website on February 1st**

 Author Bio:

Anastasia knew she always wanted to write. She began at a young age, writing those little stories about the apple tree in the yard. Though her love of stories stayed with her through her poetry stage in high school, she didn’t begin writing novels until she was almost an adult. That’s where she found her true passion.

Her characters visit her dreams – and sometimes during the day – to share their stories with her. Anastasia is merely the writer, but the characters are really the storytellers.

Anastasia lives in Columbus, Georgia with her husband and son. A stay at home Mom, she loves spending time with her son during the day, then writing furiously at night.


Charlene A. Wilson said...

Hey, Anastasia, babe. You look great in the Speculative Salon! So proud of you! :)


EW Gibson said...

Wow! Congratulations Anastasia. 5+ languages, huh, well I guess that leaves me out. Buggers!


Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Thanks Charlene! :)

It leaves me out too Elizabeth! It is interesting though to hear my characters ramble in the other languages though. Sounds funny in my head for sure! LOL The joy of being the author.

Thanks for commenting ladies!

Bookblogger said...

Stopping by the spots that I missed Anastasia. Those are some pretty hardcore membership requirements to be an Elite.

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Scott, yes they are hardcore. It definitely weeds out the ones that can't handle it! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

The winners are announced! EW Gibson has won an e-copy of the book! Elizabeth, send me an email at thekinirelite[at] with what format you'd like your book and I'll send it along to you! Congratulations!

And, for those that didn't win, just so you know, Cleanse Fire is on sale until Feb 6th for only .99 cents at Amazon and B&!

Thanks again Ella for having me as a guest for my tour!

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