Saturday, January 21, 2012

Books into Movies

Hollywood’s love of turning books or short stories into movies goes back to the beginning of filmmaking.  And that trend doesn’t look like it will be ending any time soon.   Are you anxiously waiting for the latest crop of book-films to come out?  Or simply blasé about their releases? I’m a little of both.  After all, Hollywood has taken a good read and turned it into a bad view many times.   But I like to believe that Hollywood’s interest in books will peak the interest of young readers to read more. 

Here are some book-movie trailers that might interest you:

What book are you waiting for Hollywood to pick up?
Till next time,


Rosi said...

Why, my book, of course. But I guess I need to get it published first. ;-)

EW Gibson said...


I hear you girl! heheheh!


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