Friday, January 20, 2012

In Person or Online Book Club?

Book clubs have evolved from local meetings in your library to online forums or emails. Do you know which format is best for you? If you are not sure, let us look at the difference in the interaction level between the two of them: in person versus online.

Attending a local meeting involves talking out loud with others. It may be over dinner, coffee, or at your local library. The time and day won’t change very often. For the most part, everyone has finished reading and their own questions to ask or pre-selected questions already answered to share with others. It is happy hour but without any alcoholic beverages.

Online interaction can happen at any time and is great for those with busy schedules. Anyone with internet access can join from wherever they are located. You can discuss the book as you read it without waiting to share your thoughts.  You have more time to discuss the book throughout the month. It is instant gratification.

Based on the differences, do you know now which one is best for your personality and lifestyle? Leave a comment and let us know!

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