Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How do you want to feel next New Year's Eve?

That's the question I've learned to ask myself rather than focus on some ginormous list of things that I've had a lot of practice failing at.

Rather than the events, what kind of feeling do I want to have? Elation is one. Whenever I finish a story, either writing one or reading one that I like a lot, I feel elated. Buoyed up by both the success and the discovery of something wonderful in the world. Something to share.

Jubilant. That's a word a friend said fits me. I love having a lot of cool ideas and being able to explore them with knowledgeable people. The friend who dubbed me "jubilant" is deeply into bikes. I didn't know how fascinated I was with bicycle technology until I spent time talking with Rob. From there it was a simple trip into the world of Steampunk, where the beauty of mechanical engineering gets to shine. And innovation. Around here, Sacramento, I see people riding the funnest, coolest bikes. where the rims are colored and there are a bazillion spokes.

So, that's a couple of my words for the end of the year. What words describe the feelings you would like to spend more time with? Start feeling them now. Prime your body for the pleasure of them, practice feeling them a little bit every day and compliment yourself for the excellent job you are doing making the world a better place one moment at a time.

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