Friday, January 27, 2012


After reading Marsha post yesterday, I decided to share my love of deviantART. It is the largest community on the internet for artists to share their work with others. It was founded in August 2000 and has grown to over 19 million members that include art enthusiasts.

As one of those art enthusiasts, I surf and subscribe to groups of the fantasy genre. Even posted some photos I took. From digital to traditional, this is the site to go. You can even commission artists for your book cover. If the artist makes it available, you can purchase prints for your home in all sizes. And mature content is allowed.

You can add the art you love to your favorites for later view and to let others know what you enjoy.  Plus, you can use it as a way to post your original stories. I haven’t read many but I plan on doing so in the future. When you watch an artist, you will be notified when they post new work. If you are an artist, you can request critiques of your work from others. Share tips and meet others in your local area.

Just to give you a preview of the art you can find you can find all my favorites artwork here.  But if you are pressed for time, below are the links to some of my favorite works:

Leave a comment with some of your favorites works from the site.


Marsha A. Moore said...

I can spends hours enjoying the art there. Wonderful site!

Marilyn Muñiz said...

I have to limit myself how many hours in a week I spend on there. Otherwise I'll never get anything done.

Melanie said...

I've found it to be a terrific source for textures and pieces to put into my own ideas. First time was making my book trailer for Clockwork Coast.


Dan said...

I love Deviant Art, it's where I found the artist for my book and for future books I have out. It's great to give artists a chance to showcase their work.

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