Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Adventures of Pork Chops and Steelyballs

Living with four dogs and our new Christmas kitty provides me with moments of “I don’t believe they did that” and complete tolerance for me from them.    Of course, there are a lot of chuckles and head shaking when it comes to these guys.   Oh, did I mention a few “what the…” incidents.

But life would be dull without my little menagerie.  I thought why not capture my life with them on paper.  I’m designing a steampunk graphic novel and I thought it would be cool to work up to that with short cartoons strips.   It’s a fun kind of learning experience and no doubt the style will change.  But, it’s a beginning. 
Pork Chops is really our dog Portia in real life. I’m told that when I call her it sounds like I’m saying Pork chops. Steelyballs is our new resident kitty all grown up. So, here’s the first installment. 

Till next time,


cgibson5o said...

Hehehehe, animals can be so funny. And sometimes the way we see them is even funnier.

Marsha A. Moore said...

This is so fun! I'll be eager to see how you use your cartooning skills in a graphic steampunk novel. Love the idea!

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