Saturday, July 30, 2011

1001 Sites To Distract Or Help You

I must admit that sometimes I spend too much time looking for who knows what on the internet. Hours later, I wonder where the time went. It’s fun but it is a distraction from actually writing. I thought I save you some time and share some sites with you. Okay, there aren’t 1001 sites. But, it may take you at least 1001 minutes to look at all of them.

SITE FOR READERS AND AUTHORS site to read free ebooks and place to hang your hat to gain a following site for readers and authors

WRITERS BLOCK/PERFECTIONISM/PROCRASTINATION Free ebook about procrastination, perfectionism and writers blocks

BUSINESS social media

VIDEOS ON WRITING videos on plotting Dan Wells on Story Structure Videos on writing character and plot Elizabeth Lyon, [author of Manuscript Makeover] on style and voice

An online therapy service for fictional characters. List of character traits myers-briggs personality 9 personality types psychology web site Decoding human behavior

BLOGS ON WRITING Portable-plotting board Writing theory – monomyth 4 parts Free downloads Narrative Elements/Literary devices Synopsis Word count for novels Conflict=Tension=Emotions



WRITING TOOLS A paste-in and check editor for adverbs, weak words, "said" replacements, passive voice and ending with prepositions. Another paste-in and check editor. This one checks "be" verbs, abstract nouns, etc.
Another paste-in and check text tool. This one gives you stats on readability, sentence length, etc. You can also analyze a website by pasting in the URL.
Another paste-in and check tool. This one counts the number of repeated words and gives you a most frequently used hit list. Paste and check editor. This one uses key words typically used by males and females and tells you whether you write like a guy or a gal. One look dictionary for emotions mood list drawing tool online Online stopwatch For Firefox: a tool to block the sites that stop you from writing Another tool to block out distractions

FOR THE SPIRIT James Allen Writer’s meditation “Rules” for Living and Writing Elizabeth Gilbert on Genius JKR benefits of failure Buddhist chanting

Do you collect links too? What’s your favorite?

Till next time,


Rosi said...

This is great! Thank you so much. One of my favorites is Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tricks.

Melissa Stark said...

Thanks so much! I love writer resources and having them all in one place is especially helpful. Thanks!!

EW Gibson said...


Thank you, I will add your fav to my ever growing list.


Ella Gray said...

Looks like a great list, Elizabeth. I know what I'll be doing tonight, LOL.

EW Gibson said...


I feel the same way about having the resources in one place for easy access.


EW Gibson said...


At least, we can claim the time spent as doing research. Right?


Shelley Munro said...

What a great collection of links. I'm almost frightened to start clicking...

cgibson5o said...

Impressive list!!!! That's got to help save some of those precious writing minutes.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific list, thank you!
I always need character names, so one site that I go to constantly is Behind the Name
-- first names, surnames, popularity over the years, ethnic and country of origin, meanings, etc. etc.


EW Gibson said...


Be afraid be very afraid. They are addictive.


EW Gibson said...


Thanks! Hope they're helpful.


EW Gibson said...


Me too! The right name is so important. I'm adding that to my list. Thank you.


Marsha A. Moore said...

Great list! Saving this for future needs. Thanks!

EW Gibson said...


I'm so happy you will be able to find some use for the list.


Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

What a gold mine. Thanks for providing this list, I've book-marked it and plan to visit many of those sites.

EW Gibson said...

Elizabeth aka Mrs Seraphina,

Thanks and enjoy. Hope they prove useful to you.


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