Friday, July 15, 2011

The Fellowship of the Ring

The beauty of Aragorn and Legolas the film before my very eyes in Blu-ray high definition in 1080p on a 50 plus inch widescreen TV cannot be described fully. The Fellowship of the Ring continues to leave me in awe after watching it so many times. And the most surprising part this view, it felt like I never watched this movie before.

The world emerges in the first scene and you are sucked in. Almost every scene is flawless in HD. There is at least one grainy image and lighting problems. I don't remember the film having blue tint to many scenes. The sound effect and music is perfect throughout the film. I didn't turn on the surround sound. The speakers on the TV did a wonderful job. I'm not a fan of surround sound because they tend to hurt my ears. I may try it in the future on my second viewing.

I recommend everyone watch the extended version of the film at least once. I remember watching the extended edition years ago and thinking why did they add the extra parts. Now I can understand and love the filmmakers for their insight to include the scenes in. The added scene flesh out other characters struggles for future scenes. The first film has 30 minutes added on and they are on the second half of the film. This edition spreads the movie over two Blu-rays. It stops the movie at the right moment, so you can continue to the next disc at another time.

Next week, I will watch The Two Towers and hopefully include more helpful information. The fangirl in me took over for this film.


Ciara said...

I'm surprised my hubby doesn't have that already. Hmm...actually I think I should go look. If he does, I'll watch it this week. :)

Pk Hrezo said...

Oh I could just veg out for an entire day and have a LOTR marathon. I love the extended versions. Can't wait til my kids are old enough to appreciate them.
And it sure don't hurt having the lovely eye candy to gaze at. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a LOTR marathon... I've watched the extended versions a while ago... might have to pull them out again:)

First time to your blog and am now a follower:) Found you on Savvy Authors


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