Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For those days when you think that being an artist of any sort is a waste of time. For when you think there is too much going on to spend time at the keyboard. For all those days when you wonder why you are doing this crazy thing that no cares about.

Someone, somewhere needs you to continue, to believe in yourself, to imagine something greater that what you see in front of you, around you, on the news.

The world is what you imagine and believe it to be.

There are no limits to what you can imagine, so the world is only limited by what you believe and how you choose to limit it.

Where you hold your attention creates the world you live in, the world around you.

The present moment is where you create. You can't write in the past or in the future. All of what you do as a writer happens in the present moment. Expand it. Breathe in it. Thrive in it. This is your moment. And this. And this.

The only true influence we have is love. It is where our happiness is. Love what you do, who you are, all that you see and do. In this moment. Compliment the ordinary. Notice a little bit of everything everyday.

No one has any power that you don't give them. Empower what matters, what makes you happy.

If it doesn't work, stop. In this moment, right now. It's not worth it. You have the right to more than that. Love is bigger than that.



EW Gibson said...


Beautiful thoughts!


Melanie said...

Thank you!

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