Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fairy Tale Season

There's a few things coming this year that look interesting even to me.

Just saw this trailer:

Then, earlier today, I saw this:

But the one that's got me willing to put aside writing for TV and wish I had Tivo, is this one:

I don't have a lot of history watching too many other shows like this on TV so I don't have a lot of expectation. Inspiration? That's another thing entirely.

Evidently, the posters have been previewed at Comic-con as seen on Sur la Lune. And while wandering the interwebs looking for a link to ABC Television, I stumbled on another ABC. This time in Australia. My reward? This lovely interactive site. Guess where you can find me for the rest of my vacation :-)

1 comment:

EW Gibson said...


I'm tempted to hook up with the Direct TV again. The problem is I'm a TV junkie. I wouldn't be able to control my addiction. LOL Thanks for the tease.


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