Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation from the rat race with Savvy Author's Symposium

Okay, so the countdown is on.  Ten days until Savvy Author’s Summer Symposium opens and I can’t hide my excitement any longer! 

When I first started my journey of writing for publication (too many years ago), I took every workshop that I could as I tried to pick up the fundamentals as quickly as possible in order to jump over the hurdle of “newbie” right into “seasoned writer”. 

Well mounds of money later and not so many pages of actual writing, I learned the valuable lesson that it is impossible to learn everything there is to know about writing in a few short months.  And without solid hours spent writing, the craft wasn’t going to improve.  It’s like a baseball player trying to hit a curve ball - it takes PRACTICE.  My favorite saying that I see around the Fantasy Forge writing group that I very proudly belong to is “BICHOK” - butt in chair, hands on keyboard.  It always makes me smile.

After months of intervention and being super selective with my workshop registrations, I am going to allow myself to splurge at Savvy’s Symposium.  It only comes along once a year and I’ve found that it’s inspired me to return hard-core to the craft that I loved so much. 

My writing production has been below par.  Last summer I spent every free waking moment at my computer typing away, but as I was rewriting my draft it stopped working and my word count has been down in the downs, much like my writing spirits.  I’ve just been stuck in a major rut, not knowing where my characters are going to go next and what they’re going to do.  And at the moment, my hero isn’t talking to me.   

The Symposium is going to be my vacation from writing.  Everyone deserves a vacation.  On the boards I will be re-energized by reconnecting with my online friends; seeing the excited writers in all stages of their careers expressing their ideas, frustrations and tips; reading the inspiring and revealing writer secrets of those experienced instructors, and learning new aspects to help my writing reach the next level.

There are over 40 mini-works, 30 chats and webinars, and even two chances to pitch throughout the four-days.  The topics vary from character ARC’s to plotting to writing in spite of a crazy busy life and all that good stuff on social media.  Best of all, if you are a Savvy member, it’s free.  If you aren’t a Savvy member, the cost for the writing extravaganza is $30 (or you can just sign up to be a Savvy member for the year which is a huge bargain at $30). Check out  (In my opinion it’s best the $30 a writer will spend.)

Hopefully I’ll see you on the Savvy boards!

RJ Garside :)


Ciara said...

Thanks for the reminder. I just registered. :)

Donna said...

I'll see you there!

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