Friday, August 19, 2011

Keeping Up with New Releases and Great Deals For Your Kindle

It is difficult to track down every new release out there with so many books coming out each month. Add on top of that trying to find deals for Kindle and it gets real hard. It took me a while but these sites below help me by condensing the information so I have more time to write.

New Releases

There is only one source I use for new books published in both hardback/paperback and eBooks. Suzanne Johnson’s column titled Fiction Affliction is posted by genre at the beginning of each month on The genres she covers are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance and Young Adult Paranormal. They are the most complete listing I have come across. I highly recommend her posts.

You can find the list of posts by using this link.

Kindle Book Deals

There are two sites which I use to find out the best deals for Kindle books. The first site is called They list free books and books on sale. Covering a wide variety of genres, you will find a cheap eBook for each of your family members to read.

Visit the deals at

The second site I use has news information for the Kindle and other eReaders, but they also post free Kindle books. This site is not as visual as the previous one but they list free books faster than the other site. At times, they include sales items but their strong suit is listing the free ones. If you want a good feel of what is going on in the eReaders and eBook market, this is a good site to go to.

Visit the site at Kindle Review

It’s been a while since I’ve gone searching for new sites on new releases and eBook deals. Do you recommend any other sites out there? Post your links below!

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EW Gibson said...


Great list! A free ebook on Kindle is The Portable MFA in Creative Writing(New York Writers Workshop)here's the link.


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