Saturday, March 3, 2012

Come and Read with Us

Steelyballs and Joseph Campbell

It’s hard to imagine but we’re almost a year old.  In honor of this upcoming anniversary, we are starting a bi-monthly book club called the Speculative Society over at Goodreads.  [Look at Friday’s post with the lovely Marilyn.]

What is it about speculative fiction that you like?  The adventure? The new worlds?  The characters?  In your opinion, what makes a good read? 

Personally, I love books with characters I fall in love with and think about them after I've closed the book.  I want the story to take me on an adventure preferably to a different world.  And if there is a hint of mytholgy, I'm ecstatic.   If you notice, my cat Steelyballs can’t get enough of it either.  Good kitty! 

So, tell me what is your preference?

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