Friday, March 2, 2012

Speculative Society

In honor of our one year anniversary in April, we are proud to announce a bi-monthly book club, Speculative Society. Using platform, we will hold a poll and discussion for the book for everyone to participant in.

All of us here on the Salon will choice a book from our genre, and let our readers or participants to choose the book we will read as group. In the event you cannot join us for discussion on Goodreads, we will post our individual reviews before we start the next book.

We decided to host a new book every two months to give everyone a chance to join the discussion at any time. So there are no spoilers, the discussion threads will be broken down by a group of chapters. Free feel to discuss anything within the grouped chapters’ threads.

Please join us in choosing our first novel to read for the Speculative Society at our group page on Goodreads. Starting today, the polls will be open for two weeks giving us two weeks to borrow or purchase the books before we start on April 1st. If you know anything who is interested in joining, let them know as well.

We cannot wait to start and remember to vote here! Hope to see everyone there.

1 comment:

EW Gibson said...

This is going to be such fun!

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