Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Heat with your Steam?

In all my days I have never experienced such a thing--this feeling of someone else longing for me and wishing to touch me. It heightens every little thing--even something as innocent as two hands on my bare shoulders.

--Mr. Hartley's Infernal Device

I had this wonderful collection of responses to STEAMLUST planned until I found this wonderful animation.

My favorite story, so far, is "Mr. Hartley's Infernal Device", by Christina Stein. The language of sensation conveys the action of arousal beautifully. I wanted to be Miss Havers, opening to new and surprising experiences of the body.

My other favorite story, "Fog, Flight and Moonlight", by Sacchi Green, takes me over landscape that I am familiar with and shows it to me in a most pleasurable light. A balloon ride over the Bay Area, I've experienced the sensuality of San Francisco fog, the way it rolls so slowly over the hills. When you are above it, it looks solid enough to hold you in its folds. Even when it's cold, there is a pleasant sting that makes the body feel alive.

More stories to read. I'm taking it a little slowly. I've got another book--Steampunk Tales #1--to read for our GoodReads book club, so there will be plenty of punk to go around.


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Christine Rains said...

That was a really cool video. Thanks for sharing!

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