Monday, March 12, 2012

Fallen Angels - The New Vampire?

Two weeks ago when I was at Chapters (the Canadian equivalent to Barnes & Noble), I was walking through the Romance section of the bookstore in search of some new reads. I was there specifically to get the new Gena Showalter book, but I still like to look around to see if I can discover any "missing gems".

While I was glancing at the beautiful cover art, I realized that the covers that once featured vampires were disappearing. Yes, there were still a few (which is good for me as I am still in love with the dark, sexy vamp), but not like last year as it seemed every single cover was some sort of vampire romance novel. Replacing the ol' vampires were angels - specifically fallen angels. 

I picked up more books than I needed (they had a sale, buy three, get one free, so I bought more books than my hands could hold and snuck them into my bookshelves before hubbie could see my new purchases). 

Amongst my new pile of to-be-read books were the first books in Keri Arthur's "Dark Angels" series, JR Ward's "Fallen Angels" series and a new author that I've never heard before of Kristina Douglas' and her "The Fallen" series. I also know that Gena Showalter's first book of the "Angels of the Dark" series is set to hit stores in late-June, and yes, I will be purchasing and reading that book too. I like to consider reading them "research" as I read to see how each put their own spin on new paranormal creatures/beings.

When I came home and did some research, I learned that there are many other Best-Selling authors that are working with fallen angels. Here's the list that I found (please post if you know of anymore Fallen Angel novels):
1. Gena Showalter - "Angels of the Dark" series
2. Keri Arthur - "Dark Angels" series
3. J.R. Ward - "Fallen Angels" series
4. Nalini Singh - "Guild Hunter" series
5. Becca Fitzpatrick - "Hush, Hush" series
6. Claire Delacroix - "Guardian" series
7. Michelle Hauf - "Ashes of Angels" series (Harlequin's Angels & Demons)
8. Kristina Douglas - "The Fallen" series

Now with the explosion of fallen angel books in Paranormal Romance, what do you think would be the next PNR phenomenon? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's NOT trolls or zombies as I'd love to see the Best-selling authors try to make them sexy.)

Thanks for reading!

R.J. Garside :)


Marsha A. Moore said...

At DragonCon last fall, I heard that witches are on the upswing in the paranormal fiction world. I hope so!

rj.garside said...

Thanks Marsha! I'll see if I can work in a witch or two into my paranormal worlds. :)

RhiannonPaille said...

Hey Marsha!

Hmm, vampires are done, werewolves are done. I've seen a few witch series out there doing the rounds. OH! And Faeries, they've had their go, I hope more of those series continue. What else? I'd like more epic stories for young readers. You know, no more urban fantasy? I'm getting sick of it always being modern times. *hint hint*

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