Thursday, October 4, 2012

Once Upon a Time—My questions about the new season

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the moment arrived last Sunday…magic came to Storybrooke.

I scrutinized for plot and character developments, but true to the nature of creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, I came away with more questions than anything else. I’m accustomed to this sweet torture from being an avid Lost fan, written by these same individuals.

As the days of this week passed, I’ve been turning over more and more questions in my mind. ~Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t yet watched the first episode of season two~
Here’s my list so far:

Will Emma accept her new parents, Prince Charming and Snow White? She seemed unable to even deal with the idea, but that was kind of understandable. I wanted to see a time where she allowed herself to reflect on the news, but I must be looking too far ahead.

Why didn’t Belle seem angry with the Evil Queen for keeping her imprisoned in a psychiatric cell for twenty-eight years? True to her pure nature, as per the fairytale, she didn’t want Rumplestiltskin to kill the Evil Queen, but shouldn’t Belle seem a tiny bit upset about being locked up for almost three decades?

Why did a corner of the original magic world remain, safe but sealed off in a suspended state, after the Evil Queen set the dark curse?

What kept the people alive who were in that suspension for 28 years? The castle where the princess lay seemed to have fallen to ruin through years of weathering, but she remained unaffected.

How did Rumplestiltskin acquire the branding pendant of the rafe monster? Very curious, since it appeared stored away as though he possessed it for a while.

How many of those pendants exist since there were two shown, one in each of the parallel worlds? This makes me wonder if there are more that might show up in evil hands. 

How is magic different now that it has been introduced to Storybrooke?

How did Rumplestiltskin seem to automatically know how to use the new, different magic? That made me wonder if he was responsible for or at least guided the changes.
How was Regina able to adapt to the new style of magic so quickly when operating the magic hat portal into the fantasy world?

Why couldn’t the blue fairy use her magic again? I was struck by the incongruities of how these three characters were affected, and I’m waiting to unravel the hierarchy of new magical control.

Any thoughts on my questions? Any other interesting questions about the start of the new season that are on your mind?
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Beth Caudill said...

I love Once Upon a Time. Although I don't really like Emma. She knew Snow White was her Mom - so the whole not talking about it thing annoyed me. (Acknowledging David as Dad I can see why she might not have done that before the curse was broken.)

Belle maybe taking the attitude of what's the point being upset at the Queen. She can't take any revenge against the woman. And really having Rumple do it is kinda bad too. Ignore the woman.

I'm glad she hasn't given up on Mr. Gold yet.

I wondered if it had something to do with the Queen's feelings about Millicent or Millicent's magic and when Emma killed the dragon and/or broke the curse it freed the people in fairytale land.

I thought the one that appeared in Fairytale Land was the one Mr. Gold used. That the wraith had it around its neck after Mr. Gold called it.

I'm thinking the fairytale land scenes are in conjunction with Storybrooke right now and not backstories.

I'm not sure Mr. Gold used the magic of the new world so much as used his left over magic because he used his named dagger as the Dark One. Kinda like the Queen with her hearts and the ring in Season 1.

It wasn't Regina that activated the hat but Emma touching the Queen and giving magic to her that activated the hat. I think Emma is still the source of Magic in Storybrooke. And until their magic is activated somehow, I'm not sure any of the characters can use magic in Storybrooke.

And the Blue Fairy said she doesn't have her fairy dust or wands. I'm assuming that those are needed for the fairies to do their magic. So until they learn something different, they maybe assuming they don't have magic in Storybrooke.

I did wonder what would happen to Emma in Fairytale land. And what would happen if Henry ever went there. Emma was born and spent a few minutes in FTL so what would have been her powers or what would she have been had she grown up there. Henry wasn't born there, can he exist in FairyTale Land if everyone else goes back?

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