Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post Conference Let Down

No!  I was definitely not let down by the conference. Quite the opposite.

Wait. Let's start from the beginning.  I was part of the moderating team of the Muse Online Writer's Conference, held last week.  For all of it being a virtual conference, it is not, I repeat, not a walk in the park. Not unless you are being pulled by a pack of pitbulls, greyhounds, and German shepherds!  Oh and don't forget the squirrels. 

Life does not stop just because you are in a conference room online, so that adds to the chaos. 

Why do it?  Wow...Making new friends.   Meeting like-minded people who have ideas that make your life better in so many ways.  Working with a team of people who don't take themselves so seriously that the hard work gets harder.

As for you all, I get to introduce you to some cool people. Kate Lynd has a new eBook out, Bounty Hunter, on Amazon.  I'm about a third of the way through and will let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile you can get to know her on her award-winning blog, Creative Chatter.  Unless you already know her as her alter  ego, Amy Leigh McCorkle.

Ok. Need to catch up on my sleep, and I will be putting my notes in order: lots of cool stuff to share that may or may not have to do with being a writer.   Next week, though, I'll be serving cake. My birthday is the 25th and I found the most wonderful cake to share with you all.  No candles.

I'd melt the cake. 

Do any of you do virtual conferences?  I know a bunch of you do real ones.  What do you like best about them?  And, do you get that let down out of the sky feeling when they are done?  Inquiring mind wants to know :-)



Erin Kane Spock said...

Did my first conference this summer. Afterward it was like an adrenaline crash. After all the prep leading up and the constant being on and professional whilst there, the let down after was harsh, worse than after my wedding.
No, never participated in a virtual conference. At least I wouldn't have to wear pants. :)

widdershins said...

lol ... pants are indeed optional!

widdershins said...

... and let us not forget the were-parrot!

Melanie said...

LORI!!!!! No one will forget the Were-Parrot :-)

This is EXACTLY what I loved about the conference this year. New friends. OK so silly friends, but pants were indeed optional. And the after-party... well, the less said o.-


festival8 said...

Thanks for the mentioning of my book and you were terrific fun. I hope my book is for you.

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