Friday, January 18, 2013

A-Review-a-Month Epic/High Fantasy Edition

My fellow scouts are joining reading challenges in their genre. I decided to find one for epic and high fantasy novels and found one does not exist. Apparently challenges are not favored in that genre. I can't blame them since some of the books can approach near 1000 pages. But never the less I want to participant in a challenge.

Not difficult or easy to complete. A balance of reading but also writing a review on the book. My solution: review one book a month.

[Insert Reading Challenge Image Here]

No official image except for the written string above. It's a challenge fitting for my limited time. A win-win in my book. Each review will be posted the following month. This challenge will finish in the following year.

My first book of the year will be Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes.

Look forward to the review next month!

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