Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And I helped!

Ding, dong!  Mail carrier at the door, left a small parcel on the porch.  It was too large for most of the books I had ordered and was expecting. Besides, the last book order fit into the mail box. 

Without looking at the return address, I opened it and pulled out...

AWESOME!  I'd forgotten about this in the rush of the holiday season.  I participated in the Kickstarter program for this book. Don't even remember how I got introduced to the project. Probably found them through one of the drawing or cartooning blogs I tend to wander across.  (It used to be Drawn! but it's more likely to have been ---.  He's still keeping things up-to-date)

Inside the cover were a couple more surprises: The autographs of the creators and a little poster.

There was also a little brown bag of....


Love the idea of the book, the story: two kids inherit a mansion that turns out to be a family museum of sorts.  Love the illustration style. (More here at Mike Yamada's blog. And here at Victoria Ying's) And since I have a couple of kids in my life, I am looking forward to sharing it. Mind you I said "sharing".  I wanted a copy for my own inspiration, and it has arrived just in time.

(You can't tell from the photo, but Uncle Markov is flossing in the painting...)

Yesterday, I picked up a Kindle copy of  Quinn McDonald's Raw Art Journaling, and between this and Curiosities, I'm brimming with ideas for a creative year.  More to come on this while I get my art supplies together. 

Between the two sources, as well as the reading challenge, I expect to be quite busy this year.  I discovered I have enough short stories of one kind to be able to put together a publishable collection.  I also have the beginning of another one as well as a collection of poetry.  So, look for more reviews of books and introductions to new authors as well as progress reports on my own words and pictures.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!!
And may your dreams for the Post-Apocolypse New World include Peace, Prosperity, and all the Poetry that your heart can withstand.

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Marsha A. Moore said...

Those look like great fun! If only I had a few more hours per week...

Thanks for sharing both the books and your excitement.

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