Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Second Childhood? You Betcha!

Ok, so I fully embraced the act of completing the wheel of life, according to the Chinese zodiac. I've gone through all the signs and all the elements once (5 elements x 12 signs). I have the luxury and privilege, according to that tradition, to be a child again. Not a problem! I get to keep all the skills and lessons I've learned on the way. I have all the licences and legal permissions I need to play. So, what is left to do? I can buy my toys, sing and dance anywhere and anytime and have people smile, rather than look at me funny.

Paper dolls!

I remember Betsy McCall dolls in the back of Good Housekeeping magazine and not wanting to cut them out. If I did that I wouldn't have them all on the page anymore! I still don't want to cut them out if there is only one page. Fortunately, there are copies! Let's hear it for the printer and computers.
There are so many artists out there who are putting together their own collections of paper dolls. Illustrating stories that have not been written.

And ones that are very familiar...sort of.

That's one reason I got re-connected to the paper figures. Now, I'm looking at them as a way to visualize my own characters in settings that I find in history books. Think “paper theater”, “diorama”, assemblage, scrapbook, and collage.

Jennifer Cruisie's Wild Ride

Dogs and Goddesses

Ok, enough. Time to get out the coloring tools and scissors! What childhood pleasure has been updated in a way that gets you excited? What book or story would you want as a paper doll set?

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