Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

I originally posted this on my blog, but it fits well for the Salon theme for this week. So here it is:

It’s one of the most popular topics this time of the year: New Year’s Resolution. It arrived before we finished the ones from last year. It isn’t my favorite subject because of my track record, but the drive to win pushes me to make New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions don’t differ from most people. I want to lose weight with exercise and healthy foods. Most of you want to finish your first or tenth draft. But this year, my three resolutions are different, because if I can’t keep making the same ones. I never finished, so I will keep working on them and make new ones. 

1. It isn’t easy for me to speak of my flaws. I strive for perfection in everything I touch. I’m harsh on myself when it doesn’t meet my high standards. I can be just as harsh on someone. But I shouldn’t judge, because I can’t hold the same standards in others. Their wants and needs are different from mine. I can’t expect them to do the same as me. The world travels in a different way. I should honor that.

2. My second resolution stems from my first. I am harsh on myself and expect the best always. If the first time doesn’t come out perfect, then it isn’t right. Again, I need to step back and realize first tries are not perfect. I can’t write the perfect draft in 30 days. It can’t be unless you practice writing all your life and know the 30-day formula for publication. My mind needs to slow down and not expect perfection in the first round.

3. This year I want to be happy and enjoy what life has in-store for me. No matter what happens, if I’m not happy, then my dreams will never happen. My happiness spreads across to everything I touch. I’m an unstoppable force when I can’t beat myself down. Therefore, no one else can bring me down.

Now, I am ready to take on the New Year. Please leave your comments with your resolutions, or if you are not planning to make any. If you aren’t, let me know why. Until next time!


Ella Gray said...

I love the positive outlook in all your resolutions, Marilyn! It's good to remind ourselves to not be too critical of our work - it's a great message to start the new year with :)

Marilyn Muñiz said...

Thank you Ella!

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