Monday, January 6, 2014

Try New Things in the New Year

I think everyone likes a new beginning, a fresh start. It's exciting and full of anticipation and possibilities. That's why writers have at least a dozen book beginnings sitting around collecting cyber dust. Not middles or endings, it's the brand new beginnings that we love so much.

Brand new years are great for the same reasons. Where I live in the south, January is when things really get wintry and waiting for snow becomes a real treat. Taking down the holiday decorations and storing them for the next year is an opportunity to shake things up around the house. Maybe it's time to replace those old curtains or start a photo wall project with all the new family pix you've taken.

I'm not a fan of resolutions. It's kind of a bummer to dwell on things you feel you should be doing but aren't. Top it off with added pressure to change, then call yourself a failure if you don't? No thanks. Don't get me wrong, goals are good, and there's nothing necessarily wrong with taking the time to plan for success. Cleansing is good too. Part of getting a fresh start sometimes requires flushing out the old to make room for the new, whether it be mind, body or WIPs. Hubster and I are even planning a fruit and veggie cleanse by month's end (more on that likely in my next post).

Rather than making resolutions, I prefer to think about all the new, fun things I want to try in the next year. Will I get to do them all? Maybe not, but at least I'll have some things to work for that provide more of that giddy anticipation and less of that dreaded fear of disappointment. So, here's a few of my New Things for the New Year -

Create an author website/blog
Learn to play that ukulele my dad passed down to me at Christmas
Take a cruise, or at least travel somewhere new
Re-decorate the guest bathroom
Write a few magazine articles
Plant a garden
Give quilting a try (Have you seen all the new, modern designs nowadays? Like knitting, quilting isn't just for your grandmother anymore)

Some of these are a done deal, and some.... well, we'll see how it goes. The important thing is that this list gets me excited and motivates me to push myself like no list of resolutions can. Sure, I've got some serious writing and career goals too, along with a couple of personal challenges I'm preparing for, but reminding myself of all the fun new things I'll be doing all year long is a great way to start things off.

So, what awesome stuff do you want to try this year? Give me your favorite New Things for the New Year, and best wishes in all your amazing endeavors :)


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