Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today Is A Gift

January signals another glorious beginning, a gift to cherish or squander. It reminds me of Master Oogway, from Panda Kung Fu, quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why it’s called a present.”  
Yesterday is history. I find that statement cleansing with the washing away of 'whatever did or did not happen yesterday'.  I am thus renewed. From yesterday, I can glean from my mistakes and my triumphs to make a better today.  At least, that’s the plan. 

So, I started with goals, but this year I’m doing something different.  You know, the Einstein quote of doing something the same way will garner the same outcome.  Every. Flipping. Time.

Instead of making an endless list of things I want to accomplish, like I want to lose 10 pounds.  I’m writing goals with an end result in mind.  For example,  I am healthy and energetic.  I am eating healthy foods and having fun exercising.  The goals are written as an affirmation.  It’s not written as something to happen in the future, but is the state of being I am already in. Heh! Thinking positive here.  Don’t know how this will work, but I’m giving it a do.  Not trying, but doing as Yoda would recommend.

I’m also gathering up two glass jars and labeling one ‘happiness’ and the other ‘gratitude’ to sit on my kitchen counter. If I may dip back into yesterday for a moment, there were times I could have used looking at a jar filled with moments of happiness and the joy of that 'Yes' pumping action. I know, you know what I'm talking about. We easily forget the moments that bring a smile to our face, when something we don't want crowds our vision.  It would have helped to see and read scraps of paper filled with the good times to overcome the seemingly nonsense drowning me at the time. Besides, I believe the more I recognize the goodness in my life, more will be bestowed to me.  I got the idea for the jars from two writers, Elizabeth Gilbert and Terry Lynn Johnson.  Do check out their sites.
Well, this is my new beginning for 2014.  Do you have any new rituals or old ones to share?
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Stacy McKitrick said...

I like the idea of the two glass jars. I could use one filled with good things right about now. The gift of today decided to be a ruptured water pipe. :)

Oh well... It could have been worse. I could have been at a regular job and not discovered it until I got home instead of being here when it happened! So I guess my ritual is to see the positive in things, even when things aren't looking so positive! :)

Samantha MacDouglas said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing that. I took a class on happiness once and she talked about focusing on good things in the moment. Like, what does that good moment smell like? Taste like? Sound like?

Writing the good moments down and putting them in a jar not only helps you focus on them, but also review them later to reconnect with that happiness.

Your goals, too, sound like this commitment based culture my husband has been going on about. I really love this post, thank you!

EW Gibson said...


Whew! Love how you could see the positive while being flooded, even if it's only a small flood. While I'm in the middle of a emotional meltdown, I can't say that I can do what you were able to do so quickly. My hats off to you. That's a process Tibetan monks train all their lives for. To see the other side of the equation while in situ.

Thanks, for stopping by, I really appreciate it.


Bonnie said...

I love the jar idea. One of my changes this year is to be more positive and not dwell on the Negative.
I'm stealing your idea and tweaking it a little too.

EW Gibson said...


What a wonderful class that must have been to open up to the senses of happiness. I'm writing that down to use as an exercise. I wonder does happiness always taste the same with each experience? Or smell? Sound? Very intriguing. Thank you for sharing that.

Hmmm, I'm curious what commitment conscious group your husband is referring too.

Thank you for stopping by and adding your thoughts. :) I appreciate it.


EW Gibson said...


We should compare notes midway on how we're doing with our positive attitude. Seriously!

I intend to fill my jars up. hehehe

Hugs back,

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