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How to See the Auras of Trees

“To dwellers in a wood, almost every species has its voice as well as its feature.” ~Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree

I do a lot of research of lore and legends for my fantasy writing. Lately, I’ve been looking into folklore of trees as a springboard for some magic in a woodland scene in my current novel in progress.

I ran across some interesting directions on how to connect to the aura of a tree. Surprisingly, I discovered had done the exact process as a child, of course, not knowing I was tapping into any spirit, energy, or magic in the trees.

In order to see the electromagnet field or aura of a tree, look close at its edges—where the aura will be the easiest to see. Generally, there will be no color, or it will appear translucent with a slightly white or gray cast, or perhaps yellowish or gold.  Observing the aura is best done from a distance, so you can see the crown against the contrast of the sky. The dim light of dusk is a good time to enhance that contrast. Spring and summer are the best seasons, because the above ground portions of the tree are most active, making the auras also more active.

Soften your gaze onto the outline of the tree. Do not focus on details of branches or leaves. Slightly above the outline, you will see the profile of the tree repeated—the aura. It will seem to radiate and move. In summer the aura may be active as though dancing, like movements of the aurora borealis.

Viewing a group of multiple trees, their auras will blend. Trees which are near, but not touching, often show grayish or white strands connecting them.

To join your aura with the tree’s, sit or stand near it and visualize your aura. Then, imagine it connecting with the energy field of the tree. Hold that connection as long as is comfortable. After you do this with a number of trees, you will “get to know” each on a deeper level. Your own energy may resonate with certain trees, bringing you uplifting feelings.

This type of connection, like any meditation, can alter brain waves and cause a shift in consciousness. Therefore, it is important to ground yourself afterwards. Take time to find your center and feel the Earth at your feet. Imagine sending the energy you gathered from the trees out of your feet, into the Earth.

When I skimmed this technique, I was dubious. But as I read, I recalled I did this very thing often as a child in love with poking in the woods. I thought the filmy outlines were cool to look at, but nothing other than pretty patterns. The quote from one of my favorite authors is appropriate, considering Hardy's use of setting as another character with plenty of energy in his stories.

What are your experiences? Have you felt energies of trees? If you are a writer, have any of your characters gained energy from trees?

Reference: The Lore & Magic of Trees: Whispers from the Woods; Sandra Kynes; 2005.
Art credit: Th0rNe

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Marsha A. Moore is a writer of fantasy romance. The magic of art and nature spark life into her writing. She is the author of the novel, TEARS ON A TRANQUIL LAKE, the first in a trilogy. Part two, TORTUGA TREASURE is contracted for release in January, 2012. Look for her first of an epic fantasy romance series, SEEKING A SCRIBE: ENCHANTED BOOKSTORE LEGENDS ONE, to be available early 2012.


Ella Gray said...

This is fascinating, Marsha! I would always connect to trees near whatever house we were living in when I was a kid. I liked to climb them, read under them, or just hang out in them at night to watch the stars. Don't know if I ever saw auras, but it sounds like the kind of thing children might do unconsciously anyway. Thanks for sharing :)

Tiyana Marie said...

This is fascinating!

I can't say I've ever experienced this before, though it seems like something one of my characters might have done before, heh. (Some have connections to certain elements like earth, fire, air, etc.)

Interesting research find, Marsha!

JOY! said...

Yes! I was raised in the Valley where Rivendell was filmed in LOTR.
I teach how to see auras, and how to receive healing from and communicate with trees.
They are my favourite beings on the whole planet.
Lovely article, thank you.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, the picture shows exactly how I perceive the aura of trees! I thought maybe I was just imagining that hazy halo when I'm looking at different objects but now I can trust my eyes a bit more.

Unknown said...

I had a feeling thats what i could see but i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me everything you've said makes sense an is true it is a very magical an peaceful feeling thank you for sharing your knowledge with us i dont feel so crazy now i just see what other people haven't

gopipatel said...

Awesome article, Thanks for sharing!
How to Read an Aura for Beginners

GabrielX said...

I used to see auras around trees around 20 years ago when I walked regularly along an avenue of trees surrounding a grassy area, called "The Level" in Brighton, UK. The trees lining each side of this peripheral road / footpath were a mixture of old elms which had withstood the great storm of 1987, and much younger whitebeams planted between the surviving elms, to fill gaps where weaker elms had fallen.

Over 10 years since the storm, the whitebeam had grown vigorously so that their foliage overlapped with each other and with the elms. But at trunk level I would see, parallel with each side of each trunk, a kind of bright and dark striping in the air like barcode. Around the whitebeam trunks these stripes were narrowly spaced and the light/dark contrast was intense. Around the remaing old elms it was quite different: wide stripes of light and dark standing much farther out from the trunk, each stripe grading gently into the next.

I tried an experiment: moving my head from side to side while focusing in the distance: the stripes stayed stable while distant objects appeared to move -- giving the striped auras a 3-dimensional quality.

Then I tried a soft focus, without moving my head: and realised that the "light" stripes were a kind of sparkle in the air, a gauzy web of light -- and the "dark" stripes were simply an absence of this sparkle.

As I also saw these stripes standing out from and parallel with old Victorian metal lamp posts (street lights) -- in daylight, unlit -- I had to assume that what I was seeing in relation to both trees and lamp posts must be electromagnetic fields. As the auras around the trees were always strongest during spring when the sap was rising, it appeared it was the upwards movement of water creating the EMF. It was harder to explain why I saw the same kind of aura around metal lamp posts: was there residual current flowing even though they were not lit? Or did the night-time current perhaps magnetise the metal -- or might it be a combination of both that produced the EMF?

Then there was the intriguing fact I was seeing stripes -- a barcode effect: why? If these auras were EMFs, they would be radiating in all directions from the trunks and lamp posts. So perhaps what I was seeing, though apparently concentric bands of stronger and weaker radiation, was a field interference effect; a result of looking through different layers of the aura at different angles. I have tried drawing this on plan to figure out how it could result in the barcode effect seen sideways on, but have not yet found the answer!

Jennifer said...

I have seen auras around people and even trees. But today for the first time I thought purple light from the bark of the trees. It wasn't all the trees. Just a few of them but it's so bright I thought somebody had coloured on them and my nine-year-old daughter could see them and pointed to exactly where I was talking about. But my eleven-year-old daughter couldn't. Any idea what that light was that I saw?

Unknown said...

i have started to notice a white hazy glow from entire groups of trees and thought i was going nuts. then i started to play around with this and the other day, for some reason the aura was pinkish. i just sort of look at the tops of trees where the border meets the sky and i see a light outline. thank you all for your posts. it helps me believe what i am seeing.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an Indigo Child and I just went through a major ascension. I feel very deeply connected to the earth and I can see the aura of the trees. Thank you for this article! I feel a little less crazy

Jaxillacs6699 said...

I can only see an aura around trees. Is this something relatively common, or is it uncommon to people who experience this type of phenomenon? I also have a deep reverence for trees and believe they are a great deal more complex and beneficial to humans than we know. I hate to see areas deforested and if I am personally familiar with that area of forest I will probably become depressed. Totally out of character for a farm kid, who from a very early age, accepted the cycle of life and death for Everything. I always joke that I must be a reincarnated Druid..

Anonymous said...

Would a tree have a red aura? At a park I frequent at lunch time.. I see this translucent red at the edge of some trees.

Anonymous said...

I lived in an area that had lots of trees but one particular one as I was gazing out my window gave my eyes an incredible sight. It was winter an no leave on this tree but I was shocked to see what appeared to be smoke coming out of the ground working it’s way very slowly up the trunk of the tree in one side. It continued up the trunk till it got to the branches then turned and went to the top of tree. As it hit the top of the tree the smoke at the bottom dissipated but the smike continued down the other side till it hit the ground and was gone. This phenomenon lasted about a half hour! To this day I don’t know or understand what I saw that day.
Has anyone else ever experienced this or can tell me what I saw?

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