Friday, March 15, 2013

My Own Fantasy Name

After reading Marsha post about fantasy character names, I went searching the web for a name generator based off of a name entered (ie my own).

My Fantasy Female Name:                                                               My fantasy name is Sadhbba Gloomterror
Princess of the Poison Storms

My Fantasy Neutral Name:
My fantasy name is Cori Gloomterror
Hex of the Poison Storms

My Fantasy Male Name:
My fantasy name is Maxim Gloomterror
Prince of the Poison Storms

Get your own fantasy name from the fantasy name generator!

I see the theme and I'm not sure if I agree or not. What do you think? And what the name generator say about your name?


Unknown said...

Well, I'd suggest the gender neutral or male name. That female one is really hard to pronounce.
I tried mine and got:
Isabelle Trickyspear
Sorceress of the Bloody Marshes.
Kinda cool actually.
Thanks for the fun! :-)

widdershins said...

Coree Eldritchbeast - Rani of the Grey Swamps

... definitely cool!

Marilyn Muñiz said...

Awesome names guys!

Lexa, I agree the female is tricky to say.

Widdershins, what a last name to have!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I got Crissyn Royalfly, Margravine of the Giant Fairies. I'm not sure what a Margravine is! I like Lexa's title: Sorceress of the Bloody Marshes.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Kelly Hashway said...

Someone posted something similar on FB last week and my name was hysterical. I can't remember it now though.

Nickie said...

The generator popped out:
Ivy Brazensphinx
Sovereign of the Skull Wolves

The Skull Wolves... has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It makes me wonder what a Skull Wolf is, and where one would find the skull wolves.

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