Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh, Hi! Clockwork Fairy Tales, here!

This is just my way of being cheeky.  I know you like it, still.  Or I am assuming you do.  I am still discovering new ways of engaging this subgenre even when there are attempts that don't do too well.
I mentioned Steampunk fairy tales somewhere before now (long, hot, workaholic summer for you, too?).  I finally got to indulge my reading genes and finished the amazing collection of tale retelling.

Clockwork Fairy Tales: A collection of steampunk fables edited by  Stephen L. Antczak (Editor) , James C. Bassett was a very satisfying read.  Most of my fascination was figuring out which fairy tales were being revisited.  I got most of them.  The Emperor's New Clothes, Baba Yaga, Rumplestiltskin, the Pied Piper are only a few. There are more, a very satisfying more, to be had in the collection.  

The pleasure of the collection is that the connection to the original is not a requirement.  The stories stand on their own as amazing steampunk stories.  There is depth and a kind of morality that one can only get from fairy tales. I guess that is the gift of the fairy tale.  And, with all of the larger novels focusing on the historical settings of steampunk, it's good to shift the ideas into different contexts.

So, what do I recommend?  Get the book. Read it or listen to it (as I did), and discover new ways of visualizing what the genre that celebrates the effects of technology on the human element can reveal.  

So, what's next?
How about Filipino speculative fiction?
See you later,


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