Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Character Traits

Happy Friday everyone! Before we get ourselves in the weekend groove, let’s look at character traits.

Think back to your favorite character. Do they share a common trait? Or are they all over the place? My favorite characters tend to be silent, damaged in some ways, or a troublemaker. Mat Cauthon of the Wheel of Time fits the last trait. Lord of the Rings’ Aragon is a closer fit to the first two traits. But both of them share the trait of not wanting any responsibility.

In fact, they both run away from it as long as they could before accepting it. In my novel, my main male character happens to be running away from his responsibility as well. It is a trait that resonates inside of me. Well, at least in male characters. Female characters are harder for me to pinpoint a favorite trait. But the one trait that dominates in my writing is a strong mind. I don’t care if they can kick ass with their hands. Strength to me lies in the mind and not the body.

 Now do you see any similar traits from your favorite characters and your own characters? And is there a character trait that resonates within you?

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