Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steampunk and Tarot

Not being the Steampunk expert, I would never have thought of combining this sub-genre of science fiction spirited in fantasy with the age-old game of Tarot.   A game of cards some say dates back to the Ancient Egypt. “Barking spiders!” Deryn would often say in Leviathan. A different subject but it would be interesting to research what the ancients Egyptians used as cards.  Don’t you think? 
By Barbara Moore and Aly Fell
So, back to the subject at hand and whether the two play well together.  According to the article, “Steampunk and Tarot Are a Perfect Match written in the Llewellyn Journal by Barbara Moore the answer is a definite yes.  She mentions the fact that Steampunk takes place in the past but explores possible futures.  “More precisely,” she says, “it experiments with how history would have played out if a few things had been different.  This is very similar to the best tarot readings.”  Tarot being a means of divination or possible futures.  I wonder what Melanie, our resident Steampunk expert would say about this. 
Personally, I like the idea of possibilities in both Steampunk and Tarot.  Above all, the combination of the two creates wild and crazy images.  Don't you just love it?  What do you think of the mishmash?
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runebug said...

What an interesting post! When I saw the tagline "Writers of Imaginary Worlds," I knew this was the blog for me!

I don't know what it is about Tarot, but it fascinates me even though I'm not a believer. The way it divides the world up into archetypes and themes is so fascinating. It would be great for brainstorming ideas for a story.

Is Steampunk and Tarot going to be a theme you explore in a story?

EW Gibson said...

Wonderful to have you here. I too, am fascinated by the images in all the different tarot cards that are out there.

There is a book, "Tarot for Writers" that does help for brainstorming. It's by Corrine Kenner.

In the back burner with the Steampunk I'm envisioning it does have Tarot and other occult games. :) What are you writing?

Thanks for visiting.

runebug said...

Oh, I'm just an amateur writer. That book sounds interesting, I will have to check it out.

Where can I find your work? I see the link to your fine art, but what about your YA Fantasy?

EW Gibson said...


Thank you for asking about my writing. I'm still working on my YA Fantasy trilogy, so nothing published yet. I can't remember who said it but, "A published writer is an amateur that never quit." :)

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