Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Happy!

Not much to say other than that, today. I'm sure we are all busy doing, being, and delighting in thoughts and actions far beyond our usual. So, to keep in the season of celebration, I've got a couple of indulgences.

Whether one is religious or not, the sound of voices raised in celebration is not a bad thing.  I'm a fan of the musical flash mob myself so I present this for today's prezzie.

And, for those of us crafters out there, I found something fun to do with the kids.

A friend of mine seduced me into getting a new phone and one of the toys I indulged in was an app for identifying the bright things in the sky at night.  The other day, I found a low tech application.  Check out this post on about.com and, if you have something suitable (who uses film these days?) try the constellations project.

No matter which hemisphere you are in, there are stars in it. And reasons to celebrate love, family, light.  Blessings on all of those, and Happy Merry to you and yours!

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