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Numerology makes Holiday Shopping a Snap!

I found a fun way to take the stress out of holiday shopping that might appeal to fantasy lovers and metaphysical devotees alike. A simple understanding of numerology could really aide your gift giving!

Numerology, the ancient science of numbers helps you to “see” personalities by analyzing a person’s birth name and birth date. However, unless you are very close to the person, you probably won’t have that data. But, even if you don’t know their full name or birth date, even knowing the first letter of their first name and the first vowel will give you insight into their personality. 

Three ways to use numerology to determine that perfect gift:

1. To find someone’s birth number, simply add together their month, day and year of birth and then reduce to a single digit. Example: May 21, 1971     5 (May is the fifth month) + 2 + 1 (day of the month) + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 (year) = 26.

Next, add the 2 & 6 numbers together:  2 + 6 = 8.

The ‘birth path’ number for this person is “8”

2. Alternately, to find someone’s number from the first letter and first vowel of their given name, use the following Alphabet Chart *.
#1- A, J, S    
#5 – N, E, W   
#9 – R, I
#2- B, K, T    
#6 – F, O, X
#3- C, L, U   
 #7 – G, Y, P
#4- D, M, V   
#8 – H, Q, Z

For example, if someone’s name is “Jenna,” her first letter would be “J” with a number value of “1” and her first vowel would be  “E” with a number value of “5.” Refer to both numbers for insight into their personality (*) 

3. Additionally, if you know the person’s full name at birth, just refer to the Alphabet Chart above and add together all the number values for each letter of their entire name. Then add together the final total, just as we did with the birth date, until you reach a single digit.

Example:  M A R Y    S  M  I  T  H (M)   (A)   (R)   (Y)      (S)   (M)    (I)   (T)   (H) 4  +   1  +   9  +   7    +   1 +  4  +    9  +  2  +   8 =45 (4 + 5) = 9

The final number for interpretation for Mary Smith would be the number 9.

Check below for a list of gift ideas based upon a person’s number. Remember that numbers are dual in nature, representing both earthly and spiritual tendencies. For that reason, the list is divided into what a person with that number wants and what they need.

I turned out to be a #3, which suits me perfectly, except I don’t care much for the color yellow. So, any gifts of meditation CDs, small pieces of art, or books would be wonderful!

Does your number match your personal preferences for gifts you’d like to receive? 

Give this a try for those folks on your list you struggle to buy for.

Gifts for the numbers 1-9:

#1   What they want: These people are unique and would enjoy any one-of-a kind gift. They like simple designs, angles and clean lines. Anything new, different or avant-garde would please them. Perhaps, the latest ipod – or try searching out places like Brookstones or the Sharper Image for some new gadget.  What they need: One’s (1) usually need calming, so a miniature Zen garden would be a good idea. Colors for 1 are all different shades of red.

#2   What they want: “Two’s are sentimental and love receiving gifts that are personal and have a lot of thought behind them. A poem you’ve written or something that can be shared, like tickets for a show, are sure to please. If you were close friends, they would cherish a lovely framed picture of the two of you together. Many 2’s like to collect things.  What they need: a day to pamper themselves, free from worry about other things and other people. Colors for 2 are all shades of orange.

#3   What they want: This is a person who likes to be entertained and pampered. They would love a day at the spa, a comfy robe and slippers, scented bath oils and soaps. They love words, so books or CD’s are always a good choice. They also love artsy-crafty things, trinkets and baubles. Just be sure to make a big fuss over them- they love to be the center of attention. What they need: 3’s are similar to the number 1 and need to settle down a bit. Try some meditation CD’s. Colors for a 3 are all shades of yellow.

#4   What they want:  Fours are sensible and down to earth. Anything practical or of the earth, will make them happy. They like organizers or a suitcase with lots of compartments. They also like to make bank deposits… so plain old cash or a savings bond would be a hit or perhaps a subscription to “Smart Money.” Make sure whatever it is, it is made to last. What they need: a ride on a roller coaster or something adventuresome to free their spirit. Colors for a 4 are all shades of brown and green.

#5   What they want: Fives are the adventurers and would love a trip! ( You can hook them up with a number “4” to help the  4 loosen up!) Or, you could take them someplace local (and different) that they’ve never been to before. They are also sensual beings, so something with texture or anything they can taste, touch or feel would be a hit. What they need: “tranquilizers”! …no.. no… just kidding, but they do need something to ground them a bit, maybe a stress reduction CD. Colors for a 5 are any shade of the lighter blues.

#6   What they want: Most 6’s really enjoy music and food or something cuddly. The most obvious combo would be: dinner and tickets for a concert. A CD of their favorite performer, in a basket filled with gourmet foods (and perhaps wine) would also be a hit. Sixes are also “nesters.” They love flowers and anything for their home, so something comfy and cozy will delight a six. What they need: to let someone else make all the decisions for them for a day! Colors for a 6 are darker shades of blue

#7   What they want: A seven can be quite fussy about what they like and want. They’re deep thinkers, like to acquire knowledge, can be mysterious and enjoy spending time alone. Go to the Discovery channel store. Educational books or CD’s or mysteries are great idea. They also like gift certificates, and many like antiques, because of their interest in history. Whatever it is, make sure it is of quality. What they need: to stop thinking, watch a silly movie with friends and laugh out loud. Colors for a 7 are shades of violet.

#8   What they want:  Eights love gifts – period. They especially like cash. If it’s a brand name, they’ll love it. A piece of jewelry, big or small, from Tiffany’s would definitely impress them. A signed piece of artwork from a local artist is also a great idea. Like their number  4  counterpart, 8’s also like to make bank deposits. (They love to make withdrawals too!)  Try a gift card or a subscription to “Inc.”  What they need:  a weekend at a spiritual retreat, where they can get in touch with their inner self. Colors for an 8 are: tan & gray. Some say rose.

#9   What they want: sentimental and sensitive, nines want to know you care. Something personalized, whether it is engraved or handmade, just for them, will touch their heart.  Nine’s are dramatic and enjoy the theater or a concert. They are humanitarians and interested in worldly affairs. A book or CD on either of these subjects would make a great gift. What they need:  similar to the number 2, 9’s need a day free of worry and stress about things they cannot control. Colors for a 9 are: gold or red-gold

Reference: Michelle Landers, OM Times Magazine, December 1, 2012.
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You totally hooked me with that title. But this system requires I do math! There is a reason I write romance instead! Still--hilarious post, and likely just as accurate as me doing last minute online shopping!

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