Friday, July 1, 2011

Passion Play Book Review

Book:Passion Play

Author:Beth Bernobich

Series:Erythandra Series #1



Source:In a giveaway by Tor during their Twitter Chat for March.


Therez looks forward to traveling to Duenne in the spring. Yet for her trip to happen,her father must secure contracts for the family business and status. After a business party at her home,she learns her father has agreed to marry her to a man she fears more than her father. She runs away from home when she realized her mother and brother agree with the marriage. She changes her name to Ilse to avoid her father’s agents.

She misplaced her trust in a man named Alarik Brandt who ruined her as they traveled to Duenne. She runs away from Brandt and finds herself at Lord Raul Kosenmark’s pleasure house. As she weaves her way into the life of the Lord Kosenmark,she realizes there is more at stake than her life.


Structure of the Book

Overall the book is a decent read. The beginning is very brutal and will make some readers uneasy with Ilse being raped. Ilse does not use the word rape,but I cannot call it anything else. I needed to step away from the book,after reading her ordeals with the caravan and Brandt. The main problem is the long middle with no action. It drags on for page after page. With the introduction of magic and past lives,I expected more of this during this section. But none of it happened until the latter half of the book. Only the political intrigue kept me interested. Towards the end it picked up again. At the same time,it rushed through to fit everything in. The magic,mention of past lives,and her knife training all happen late in the book. There wasn’t time to fully enjoy any of it


In the beginning,Ilse goal was clearly stated but then it was lost during the middle part of the book. At the end,she regained a goal but not one I’m convinced of. Also I expected passion from her based on the title,but I was left cold from her actions and thoughts. She remained a victim throughout the story.

Raul did not strike me as a romantic interest at all. He is everything Ilse wanted to run away from. He controlled those around him for his own needs. The romantic connection between the two of them happened toward the end of the book. Then his courtship of Ilse was rushed and left me unconvinced.

Final Thoughts

Novel felt uncompleted because the middle ended too late. The characters did not grow because of it,and the ending rushed to fit everything in. The only part worked out was the political aspect. I will pick up the second book for this series because I want to know how Raul and Ilse will prevent a war in the kingdom.


2 out of 5 stars.

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