Monday, February 17, 2014

An Urban Fantasy TV Poll

Spent most of last week stuck indoors due to what Hubs likes to call 'snowmageddon', the winter storm that dropped a heap of snow and ice here in the Carolinas. We love snow, so we were pretty happy about it, but severe weather is kind of rare here and driving becomes impossible. So it was the perfect time to curl up next to the fire and get caught up on some reading and TV.

One show I was excited to pick back up was Lost Girl since the third season was recently added to Netflix's streaming videos. I'm usually behind on most shows because we rely on just Hulu and Netflix (no cable for us), and we have to wait for certain programs to become available for viewing on either of those or the network website. I was so psyched about the new SyFy show, Bitten (based on one of my favorite urban fantasy series, Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Underworld) but that's another one like Lost Girl that I won't have the pleasure of seeing until a later release date. Note: the episodes are on the SyFy site, but you still need a cable subscriber code to watch - lame.

Anyway, I'm loving Lost Girl, and coincidentally I came across this poll of (current) urban fantasy shows on the Spoiler TV site which naturally included several that I watch. The results of that poll so far are a little surprising to me, especially that Lost Girl ranks number four (awesome!) as I didn't realize it was that well known or popular. It was great to see Sleepy Hollow near the top of the list as that's another one we both like, and it films in our neck of the woods too. I haven't seen Haven, but I'm somewhat shocked it made it in the poll over Warehouse 13 or Arrow, so maybe I need to check it out.

My top five would look like this:
1. Lost Girl
2. Sleepy Hollow
3. Walking Dead (I'm counting this one, deal with it)
4. Warehouse 13
5. Being Human

Of course, I'm hoping Bitten will make the cut, and that this version of Elena will be as fun and captivating as Lost Girl's Bo, but we'll have to see. Looking at the current line up also reminds me just how much I miss certain shows that have ended already - Buffy, Fringe and Dead Like Me come to mind.

So, do you agree with the Spoiler TV poll, or do you have your own order of UF TV greatness? (feel free to tell me how wrong I am, LOL) Let me know which show is your fave or if there are any new series in the works you're looking forward to - maybe something based on Neil Gaiman's American Gods for instance (total swoon).



widdershins said...

A short list because I haven't seen most of what you mentioned ...

1 - Lost Girl
2 - Warehouse 13
3 - Pushing Daisies - long gone but not forgotten

Ella Gray said...

Great list, widdershins! Pushing Daisies was a wonderful show - so glad it's available on Netflix now.


-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

I can only plant the Seed...
hopefully they'll grow Upstairs.
God bless your indelible soul.

Vignesh said...

I can only plant the Seed...
hopefully they'll grow Upstairs.
God bless your indelible soul.

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