Monday, February 3, 2014

Writers Online Pitch Event and Musical Inspiration

As usual, I'm modding some really cool writing workshops this month on the Savvy Authors website, including a fascinating study of Alpha Babes with Pamela Jaye Smith that will surely produce some soon-to-be awesome heroines for any genre. Even more exciting is the month-long event Prepare, Pitch and Publish, which features several mini workshops, pitch practice with feedback from peers and instructors, and a chance to present your polished pitches to agents and editors. It's an amazing opportunity, so all you writers out there get on over to Savvy Authors and get your pitch on!

Personally, I'm expecting a very creative and productive February as I close in on the final chapters of my PNR project, Rising Fire, while also jumping into the planning stages for the urban fantasy I'll be writing during the March-April Editor's Blueprint event. I'm already having a Devics kind of week, and I suspect their albums will be my musical muse for the coming weeks - haunting and romantic. In case any of you aren't familiar with them, here's a video. Love them, love the song, love the video. Have a great month!


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