Saturday, October 29, 2011


“How far would you be willing to go to save everyone you care about?  In 1985, one father’s choice to save his son, no matter the cost, started an inadvertent pattern of destruction.  Now Fringe Division, a special unit of the FBI, has been tasked with finding a way to stop the damage.  Their investigations into cases of science run amok have uncovered connections not only to their own past but to an alternate universe just slightly different than our own that threatens our very future.”  That’s the official blurb for the TV series the Fringe on Fox.

I watched this show when it first came out loving the characters and the intelligent forethought that had been put into the show.  Since I have pulled the plug on my TV viewing, I haven’t watched the program which is now in its 4th season.  I viewed this season’s premiere at Barnes & Noble, my home away from home.
 I was amazed that one of the main characters, Peter Bishop, son of Water Bishop, well actually Walternate Bishop of the Other Side disappeared at the end of last season or was erased from time. 
“Yet, traces of him bleed through,” said the Observer. 
Because he was erased from time no one remembers him, but Walter see his image in the mirror, on the TV or computer screen, which shakes his already unstable mind.  
With Peter hanging between reality and never-land, FBI special Agent Olivia Dunham takes center stage, along with her counterpart, Bolivia from the Other Side.  It’s great seeing these two women, although the same actress playing both parts, taking the lead because of their strength and their own unique vulnerability of a life filled with past pain.  And with both in love with the same man, Peter, who is out there somewhere, can lead into a bit more friction between the two.  
I recommend this series for it’s acting, the story line and especially if you’re into science, technology and the possibilities.



Lia Keyes said...

Gosh, I kept hearing about Fringe, but hadn't realized how relevant the storyline is to the book I'm writing! Will have to see if the previous seasons are on Netflix. Thanks for this post, Elizabeth!

Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Love this show! The characterizations are fantastic, and the writers always know how to raise the stakes to ridiculous levels.

I was shocked to learn that Peter had been wiped from existence, as well. Wasn't expecting that.

And if you haven't watched the latest episode, the end is really going to shake things up now...

EW Gibson said...


I don't know if the past season are on Netflick, but you can buy past seasons on DVD. I guess you buy just about any series on TV nowdays. LOL. Thanks for dropping by.


EW Gibson said...


From what I've read, the creators of the show say Peter is coming back. "We pay him too much money not to use him." So, I guess once they figure how to bring him back they will. But, you're right the writers know how to up the stakes.

Thanks for dropping by,

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