Friday, October 28, 2011

Terra Nova

In the year 2149, due to pollution and overpopulation, the earth is nearing extinction.  Scientists discover a rift leading to an alternative timeline during the late Cretaceous era.  Believing this will be their salvation; humans travel through the time rift and create a colony, Terra Nova, as their new beginning.

During the 10th pilgrimage to the new world, we join the Shannon family; Jim and Elisabeth and their three children. After their arrival to Terra Nova, they find themselves adjusting to new surrounding filled with dangerous dinosaurs, a rebel group and secrets. Will each day bring closer to utopia or their second death sentence?   

The balance of drama and action during the premiere had me waiting impatiently for the week. For a moment, I thought it was a movie and not a TV series. The acting and set designs were great. The characters aren’t unique, but fit the world well with their personalities and the actions they take. The fast pace held me down to my seat (Well, actually, my bed.) If they stuck to the same level for the rest of the series, the fangirl in me would scream for another season.

After the first couple of episodes, the fast pace slowed down. I find myself wanting more of the immediate action and not the subplot unrelated to it even if it did setup the next episode. As the action starts to peak my radar of danger, we are moved away to somewhere else. My mind wanders during this time. I find myself believing I watched 6 episodes already, when it fact I only watched 4 of them. And I haven’t watched this week’s ep yet.

My last concern is the limited number of episodes. The first season will only have 13. They have less time to convey the world to the audience. How much will they reveal? Will they become another Lost telling us very little and a lot less at the end of the series? I cannot help asking myself these questions.

I will watch the rest of the season but later in the week from my DVR. I’m hoping my dislike will fade to the background as Fox airs the rest of season. Every show has a bump and they have until the end to overcome it.

If you’re interested in more information, visit the OfficialSite for Terra Nova.  

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Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Yeah, the characters are the one thing I wish were more original. (The plot is kind of predictable sometimes, as well.)

Have you watched Eureka before on Syfy? It is downright uncanny how similar some of Terra Nova's characters are to the ones on that show. For one, both have a lead "law enforcer" character who is either hitched to or seeing darker women who happen to be super brains, and they both have daughters named Zoe.


Please tell me that's just coincidence.

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