Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNoWriMo Status

As of Friday night, my word count is 9577 and maybe I’m a few pounds heavier.  LOL. 

I thought I’d share this video of writer/artist Beatrice Coron who doesn’t merely write stories, but cuts them out of paper.  Gee, all we do is sit in front of a laptop and pluck away at the keyboard.  This is a long video, but may give you some ideas for your story.  If you can at least watch the beginning when she walks on stage wearing a lace-like flowing robe made of paper.  This you have to see.

 And if you need a chuckle here’s a silly one for you. 

How’s your progress going?  Don’t give up and don’t worry that it’s not as perfect as you may want it.  Just get it down.  Later you can fuss with it. 


Ella Gray said...

Way to go, Elizabeth! I'm hoping to break 10k tonight, then it's all downhill... OK, maybe not, but we'll at least try to hold on to our sanity for the next few weeks, LOL.

EW Gibson said...


Your nature is to charge ahead with strength pulling others along with you UPHILL! So, why should this month be any different? Yup, you're moving and life intervenes, but you always keep moving forward. Maybe not as fast, but step by step you make it happen. Check what your personal goal is for the month, not NaNo's. Yours! That's what you strive matter what.

Okay, captain, I've got to go check the supply of chocolate. Shall I bring you some?


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