Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boy was that a heavy rock

The thing about being a Scorpio is all those transformational opportunities. Which have been bludgeoning my sense of time. Hence, no posts for the last few Wednesdays on Wednesday.

So, how 'bout those fairy tale characters? Anyone actually watching ABC's Once Upon a Time? I tried, I really tried. They lost me at the prologue. OK let me be more fair and start from the beginning, as I was supposed to.

What do you know about happy endings? What if you never had one? What if someone decided that the only happy endings would be theirs?

This seems to be the premise of the new series, Once Upon a Time.

The premiere sets up the story of a little boy who is looking for his birth mother. The story unfolds bridging the worlds of fairy tales with the world we know. Who is the little boy, Henry? We find out who his birth mother is and we learn through him, who his adopted mother is and how the world of the show came to be. Storybrook is the landscape of the fairy tale inhabitants that have been trapped in our world.

The premise of fairytale characters being trapped in our world is familiar but from The Sister's Grimm book series for kids, which put me off a little. I had to watch the episode a few times to be truly interested in the series, at all. It could be that having been captivated by the print series, I found the television series slow. It started with a prologue rather than action. Took us into the fairy tale of Snow White with her happy ending. The idea of taking happy endings away is an interesting one. Adding the child to the layers made it syrupy for me.

I did watch the second episode, but only to see if there was something I was missing. I wasn't missing anything. Well, special effects and more unsisterly and unwomanly behavior. It dissolved into feeling like a soap opera with effects and too many sets.

To see if I was missing something, I watched the first episode of Grimm. Evidently, I want action in my fairy tales and not the princessy happy ever after that Once Upon a Time seems to promise.

Not for me, thanks.
Now back to our normally scheduled writing marathon.

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